Why Do Married Men Hire Social Escorts?

There are many reasons why married men will still engage social escorts in Singapore (If you are looking for a worthy recommendation in Singapore, check out – http://www.yp.sg/company/sgvip-services-pte-ltd https://www.yellowpages.com.sg/company/sgvip-services-pte-ltd), and here are some of the common reasons why.

Marriage getting stagnant?

First of all, their marriage may be getting stagnant. Let us not debate about ethics here, but sometimes, if you don’t put effort into a marriage relationship, things get stale and thus men may stray and want to find a social escort who can meet their emotional needs without any strings attached.

Financial dominance

Second of all, some men have a fetish for having financial dominance over women. This means that they will feel powerful when they are able to pay and get a female companion by their side. It validates their success that they have probably spent many hard years working on.

Arm candy

Third of all, many married foreigners and expatriates like to engage a social escort to accompany them to business events if their spouses are not with them. This is to create a better first impression when they have a gorgeous lady by their side, as it indicates their own financial success.

Are the above the only reasons? Probably not. Everyone engages a social escort model in Singapore for different reasons, and the above are just common reasons which I have found that married men have for engaging an escort model.

Here’s an interesting video you may want to watch to learn more:

Should You Be A Social Escort In Singapore?

Many girls in Singapore who are young and pretty want to try out the social escort industry as a lucrative way to quickly make extra money to fund their lifestyle or pay for their student loans. Regardless of the reason why you want extra and fast money, here are some things you should consider before deciding to become a social escort.

First of all, a legal social escort agency in Singapore will only ever ask you to go on dates with their clients, and not require you to provide any extra ‘activities’. This is because if they sold such activities, it means they are doing it illegally, and both you and the agency can get into legal trouble in Singapore. Therefore, if you work with a reputable company in Singapore like SG VIP Escorts careers, you have no worries about needing to provide such activities to clients.

Second of all, a good agency and manager will take proper care of you and make sure that your privacy, above all, is always protected. This is crucial because if they are not careful with your privacy online, your public identity may be leaked easily. Therefore, when it comes to signing agreements with the social escort agency as well as talking to the manager or director, make sure that they know what they’re dealing with. This is key if you’re considering to join an agency.

Third of all, even though being an escort is perfectly legal and is fully allowed and permitted by the local Singapore ACRA business regulatory authorities as long as you joined an ACRA registered agency,  there is still a negative social connotation with this industry. Therefore, don’t expect to join it and expect the whole world to egg you on and encourage you to do the work. If you are able to perform the work necessary while keeping the work experiences completely private to yourself, then you can live with it. Otherwise, be prepared for family members or friends to give you  the weird eye.

Finally, always ask yourself, are you comfortable with this job? Many girls are not comfortable with it, while some girls are perfectly happy with it. My opinion is that it’s your choice and you choose whether you want to or not. After all, there is nothing morally wrong or illegal with being a social escort. It is just a job like any other job in Singapore. For instance, there are some negative connotations towards insurance agents in Singapore as well, but there are still lots of people who do it successfully and make a lot of money in a short period of time. Same with social escorting, except that the work is usually far easier and you get customers easily when you work with a good social escort agency.

Difference Between A Social Escort And ‘Call Girl’

Contrary to popular belief, there is a difference between call girl services and social escort services in Singapore.

If you can’t be bothered reading this article, then skip to the bottom of the page to watch the video explaining the difference. For those who prefer to read, read on.

First and foremost, social escort models are simply girls who are highly attractive, are usually mainstream models or actresses, and are people who accompany high net worth clients to events or dates. They can also go on private dates with their clients, but they are only a romantic companion – see them as a beautiful girlfriend (without the sexual part). They are in other words, a temporary girlfriend. They will act and behave like a typical girlfriend, except they look really good are extremely eloquent, and are the perfect arm candy – e.g. they are like a form of status symbol. On the other hand, prostitutes or call girls are simply that… they only provide the deed to you, and don’t do anything else. In Singapore, those girls are usually foreigners from much lower income countries like Vietnam or Thailand. These are girls desperate low income men find for sex and then leave and do not want to be seen with and also do not even want to bother talking with them.

Second of all, social escorts are strictly not supposed to provide bedroom activities or services for their clients. This is something additional, and not considered part of their job scope. However, it’s known that there are some local Singaporean escorts who are also willing to do so, albeit it’s their own private choice between them and the clients. However, call girls do only that, and obviously would be rejected if they don’t provide such services.

For more differences between social escorts and call girls in Singapore, you may want to watch the following video:

Working As An Social Escort In SG – Privacy Concerns?

After reading my first post, on life as a social escort in Singapore, and if you’re interested in being one, you may be most concerned about one thing – your privacy. That is normal of you to feel concerned about it, so let me address some of the common privacy concerns I used to have, and still have at the current moment even though I’ve been an escort model in Singapore for several years now (I’m a local Singaporean Chinese girl, just that Dakota is my ‘Alias’ I want to be using on this website).

  1. Your name – As I have used an alias for this website, I also have a special name for my escorting work. I do not use my actual name for my social escort work, and my current agency, SG VIP Escorts, uses another name for me as well to protect my privacy.
  2. Your contact details (including social media) – first of all, only work with a trusted agency. If they’re a legitimate agency which takes cares of its employees, you can rest assured your details are absolutely private. Additionally, because your alias/display name is different from your actual one, you will not be able to be found on social media.
  3. House address – this is a non-concern as a legitimate social escort agency will ask you to accompany clients, and not provide sexual services at your place. Therefore, other than for NRIC verification purposes (which I was panicky about when I first met SG VIP Escorts because I didn’t know them back then), your details are truly and fully 100% secure.
  4. Your CPF payments – commissions for social escort work in Singapore is always not accompanied with CPF. This is because your work as a social escort is on a part time commission only basis, which puts you under the purview of a contractor with the agency. You are not an employee under the company, and hence there is no CPF contributions. This is great for most escort models because most models don’t want any CPF contributions from their social escort work anyway, because they don’t want unnecessary questions from family and their day job employer about these additional CPF contributions.
  5. Your face – all agencies should crop out your face, or at least anything from your nose and above. Therefore, nobody will be able to recognize you from the photographs on the agency’s website.
  6. Meeting somebody I know – I will almost always ask the agency to first provide me with the client’s name (after they have placed a deposit), so that in the seriously rare event that it happens to be somebody I know, I will be able to pass on the job to some other escort with the agency instead.
  7. A client eventually turns out to be the boyfriend/husband of somebody I know – this is awkward, but if you really think about it, it’s no big deal. It’s the same as someone else dating your ex boyfriend. So, it just sounds awkward, but no more awkward than a normal boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.

Hopefully I have answered most of your queries once again! If you have any questions, here’s my email address, shoot me an email 😛 Email: admin@dakotaeranch.com