Why Do Married Men Hire Social Escorts?

There are many reasons why married men will still engage social escorts in Singapore (If you are looking for a worthy recommendation in Singapore, check out – http://www.yp.sg/company/sgvip-services-pte-ltd https://www.yellowpages.com.sg/company/sgvip-services-pte-ltd), and here are some of the common reasons why.

Marriage getting stagnant?

First of all, their marriage may be getting stagnant. Let us not debate about ethics here, but sometimes, if you don’t put effort into a marriage relationship, things get stale and thus men may stray and want to find a social escort who can meet their emotional needs without any strings attached.

Financial dominance

Second of all, some men have a fetish for having financial dominance over women. This means that they will feel powerful when they are able to pay and get a female companion by their side. It validates their success that they have probably spent many hard years working on.

Arm candy

Third of all, many married foreigners and expatriates like to engage a social escort to accompany them to business events if their spouses are not with them. This is to create a better first impression when they have a gorgeous lady by their side, as it indicates their own financial success.

Are the above the only reasons? Probably not. Everyone engages a social escort model in Singapore for different reasons, and the above are just common reasons which I have found that married men have for engaging an escort model.

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