Working As An Social Escort In SG – Privacy Concerns?

After reading my first post, on life as a social escort in Singapore, and if you’re interested in being one, you may be most concerned about one thing – your privacy. That is normal of you to feel concerned about it, so let me address some of the common privacy concerns I used to have, and still have at the current moment even though I’ve been an escort model in Singapore for several years now (I’m a local Singaporean Chinese girl, just that Dakota is my ‘Alias’ I want to be using on this website).

  1. Your name – As I have used an alias for this website, I also have a special name for my escorting work. I do not use my actual name for my social escort work, and my current agency, SG VIP Escorts, uses another name for me as well to protect my privacy.
  2. Your contact details (including social media) – first of all, only work with a trusted agency. If they’re a legitimate agency which takes cares of its employees, you can rest assured your details are absolutely private. Additionally, because your alias/display name is different from your actual one, you will not be able to be found on social media.
  3. House address – this is a non-concern as a legitimate social escort agency will ask you to accompany clients, and not provide sexual services at your place. Therefore, other than for NRIC verification purposes (which I was panicky about when I first met SG VIP Escorts because I didn’t know them back then), your details are truly and fully 100% secure.
  4. Your CPF payments – commissions for social escort work in Singapore is always not accompanied with CPF. This is because your work as a social escort is on a part time commission only basis, which puts you under the purview of a contractor with the agency. You are not an employee under the company, and hence there is no CPF contributions. This is great for most escort models because most models don’t want any CPF contributions from their social escort work anyway, because they don’t want unnecessary questions from family and their day job employer about these additional CPF contributions.
  5. Your face – all agencies should crop out your face, or at least anything from your nose and above. Therefore, nobody will be able to recognize you from the photographs on the agency’s website.
  6. Meeting somebody I know – I will almost always ask the agency to first provide me with the client’s name (after they have placed a deposit), so that in the seriously rare event that it happens to be somebody I know, I will be able to pass on the job to some other escort with the agency instead.
  7. A client eventually turns out to be the boyfriend/husband of somebody I know – this is awkward, but if you really think about it, it’s no big deal. It’s the same as someone else dating your ex boyfriend. So, it just sounds awkward, but no more awkward than a normal boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.

Hopefully I have answered most of your queries once again! If you have any questions, here’s my email address, shoot me an email 😛 Email: