Should You Be A Social Escort In Singapore?

Many girls in Singapore who are young and pretty want to try out the social escort industry as a lucrative way to quickly make extra money to fund their lifestyle or pay for their student loans. Regardless of the reason why you want extra and fast money, here are some things you should consider before deciding to become a social escort.

First of all, a legal social escort agency in Singapore will only ever ask you to go on dates with their clients, and not require you to provide any extra ‘activities’. This is because if they sold such activities, it means they are doing it illegally, and both you and the agency can get into legal trouble in Singapore. Therefore, if you work with a reputable company in Singapore like SG VIP Escorts careers, you have no worries about needing to provide such activities to clients.

Second of all, a good agency and manager will take proper care of you and make sure that your privacy, above all, is always protected. This is crucial because if they are not careful with your privacy online, your public identity may be leaked easily. Therefore, when it comes to signing agreements with the social escort agency as well as talking to the manager or director, make sure that they know what they’re dealing with. This is key if you’re considering to join an agency.

Third of all, even though being an escort is perfectly legal and is fully allowed and permitted by the local Singapore ACRA business regulatory authorities as long as you joined an ACRA registered agency,  there is still a negative social connotation with this industry. Therefore, don’t expect to join it and expect the whole world to egg you on and encourage you to do the work. If you are able to perform the work necessary while keeping the work experiences completely private to yourself, then you can live with it. Otherwise, be prepared for family members or friends to give you  the weird eye.

Finally, always ask yourself, are you comfortable with this job? Many girls are not comfortable with it, while some girls are perfectly happy with it. My opinion is that it’s your choice and you choose whether you want to or not. After all, there is nothing morally wrong or illegal with being a social escort. It is just a job like any other job in Singapore. For instance, there are some negative connotations towards insurance agents in Singapore as well, but there are still lots of people who do it successfully and make a lot of money in a short period of time. Same with social escorting, except that the work is usually far easier and you get customers easily when you work with a good social escort agency.