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Health Hazard of Routine Vaccination: placing our animals at risk

"Routine" vaccination has adverse side-effects, either short or long term. With vaccines that are repeated year after year, the frequency and severity of these side-effects in our pets has increased dramatically. Most of the problems involve the immune system. After all, the immune system is what vaccines are designed to stimulate. But they do so in a very unnatural way that can overwhelm and confuse the immune system." donna starita mehan DVM

Dr. Pat Bradley, DVM, Conway, USA -  "The most common problems I see that are directly related to vaccines on a day to day basis are ear or skin conditions, such as chronic discharges and itching. I also see behaviour problems such as fearfulness or aggression. Often guardians will report that these begin shortly after vaccination, and are exacerbated with every vaccine. In a more general and frightening context, I see the overall health and longevity of animals deteriorating. The bodies of most animals have a tremendous capacity to detoxify poisons, but they do have a limit. I think we often exceed that limit and over-whelm the body's immune system function with toxins from vaccines, poor quality foods, insecticides, environmental toxins, etc. This is why we've seen such a dramatic increase in allergies, organ failures, and behaviour problems." (NOTE: a growing number of holistic veterinarians use Transfer Factor before and after vaccination to minimize the side effects and help the animal recover)  Animal Cancer natural healing

Dr. Ronald D. Schultz, Ph.D..- "Annual revaccination provides no benefit and may increase the risk for adverse reactions. The percentage of vaccinated animals (those vaccinated only as puppies) protected from clinical disease after challenge with canine distemper virus, canine parvovirus and canine adenovirus in the study was greater than 95%." Current and Future Canine and Feline Vaccination Programs. Dr. Ronald Schultz is a Professor and Chair of the Department of Pathobiological Sciences at the School of Veterinary Medicine, UW-Madison. Schultz, R.D. - Current & Future Canine & Feline Vaccination Programs. Vet Med 3: No. 3, 233-254, 1998 more. A chart provided in the report shows immunity levels for all vaccines currently given to dogs lasting a minimum of 5 years with most lasting 7-15 years!

Don Hamilton, DVM -Yearly "boosters" are unnecessary, provide no benefit if given (will not increase immunity). Thus boosters are either a legal issue (Rabies) or a manipulation issue (inducing clients to come in for examination rather than directly suggesting an examination).

Richard H. Pitcairn, D.V.M., Ph.D - "For some readers the very idea that vaccines are anything but wonderful and life-saving may come as a surprise, and it's not a very pleasant one. After all, the general population pictures vaccines as one of modern medicine's best and brightest moments, saving literally millions from the scourge of diseases like poliomyelitis and smallpox."

Charles E Loops DVM - "Homeopathic veterinarians and other holistic practitioners have maintained for some time that vaccinations do more harm than they provide benefits. Vaccinations represent a major assault on the body's immune system.... Vaccine induced chronic diseases range from life-threatening conditions such as auto-immune crises to conditions destroying the quality of life of an animal as in chronic skin allergies."

Vaccinosis and inflammatory bowel disease: epidemic levels of inflammatory bowel disease in our pets
Vaccines, Infectious Diseases and the Canine Immune System: Dog's recover from Auto Immune Hemolytic Anemia (AIHA)
Vaccine Alternative Testing a dog’s serum antibody titers can prevent overvaccinating
Congressman is calling for criminal penalties for any government agency that knew about the dangers of thimerosal in vaccines and did nothing to protect American children

Dee Blanco, D.V.M - "You take healthy animals and often very quickly after you vaccinate, you can see simple things like itching of the skin or excessive licking of the paws, sometimes even with no eruptions. We see a lot of epilepsy/seizure, often after a rabies vaccination. Or dogs or cats can become aggressive for several days. Frequently, you'll see urinary tract infections in cats, often within three months after their [annual] vaccination. If you step back, open your mind and heart, you'll start to see patterns of illness post-vaccination."

A growing number of dogs are experiencing severe skin problem and inflammation at the bottom of their paws with obsessive licking and biting the area. Holistic veterinarians believe that these symptoms are the result of a compromised immune system due to over-vaccination,  over-medicating, and poor nutrition are major causes. In his best selling book, " Pet Allergies: Remedies for an Epidemic", Dr. Messonnier DVM writes convincingly about over-vaccination and poor nutrition being major causes.

Prevaccination Protection  Dr. Falconer DVM

I get this question more often than I used to: “If I’m not vaccinating my animal against parvo and distemper (or ______), do I need to avoid contact with other animals?” The norm has been for my patients to come to me already vaccinated, so the easy answer, based on duration of immunity, was no, the immunity should persist for “years if not the life of the animal.”  Now that people have thought more about the dangers of vaccination, it may be that some are choosing not to vaccinate until later in life (pups at 12-16 weeks old, for example), to be sure the minimum number of vaccines will give long-lived immunity. They may be using homeopathic nosodes before that, or may be opting to not vaccinate at all. What to do for these guys? Keep them in a bubble, away from all exposure to possible disease causing germs? No. That’s impractical, and, unless you have a strictly indoor cat, not much fun.

The goal is to have an immune system that can defend the animal against exposure to parvo, canine or feline distemper, kennel cough, FeLV, strangles, flu, Rhino, etc. If you opt to have the strongest immune system possible without the risks that vaccines confer, use the preventative program that keeps the immune system strong safely and efficaciously, and without risk to the animal. That, in my opinion, is daily dosing with the Animal Health 4Life supplements utilizing Transfer Factor products coupled with excellent nutrition, should be adequate protection to get your animal out in the real world, benefitting from natural exposure to viruses and bacteria that can make the immune system stronger. Follow label doses and boost this base level as I explain below if exposure is likely

Question to Dr. Falconer DVM  does vaccination (or over-vaccination) causes overactive immune reaction (autoimmune disorder) or does it cause suppression of the immune system?

Dr. Will Falconer: "The answer is probably both.  I think the main thing is, vaccination *confuses* the immune system, as I point out in my heartworm eBook. So, it could go either way, or alternate over time between the two.  Transfer Factor should be given before and immediately after vaccination for at least a few weeks to help ameliorate the confusion (when someone is faced with a mandatory vaccination, or has decided they want to give one).  By priming the immune system with Transfer Factor, the immune intelligence should be less confused, though I'm not sure that's measurable." Testimonials about a dog and a horse's full recovery from severe adverse effects from vaccination with Transfer Factor

-How to order Transfer Factor

"Many people are very concerned about vaccinating their animals and the adverse reactions are often referred to as vaccinosis and miasms which is said to be difficult or impossible to cure. Most wonder why "annual boosters" are given to our animals when vaccinations for humans last for our lifetime. Also asked is why isn't the dose adjusted for the size of the animal? The many serious adverse reactions may be grossly under-reported to the vet (insist on telling the vet), to the manufacturer, and to the USDA Biologics Hotline (report the reaction, manufacturer, and lot number ) at 800/ 752-6255. The experts are now addressing these concerns and the First International Veterinary Vaccines and Diagnostic Conference was held in July 1997 regarding this important health issue.

"We should not allow politics and tradition or greed to enter the decision (on frequency of vaccination). Changing vaccination schedules doesn't have to mean less profit, but that you have more income from some clients and less from others. Veterinarians and the industry need to have guts to be honest with ourselves and assess the risk and not be trapped in tradition." -- Dr. Dennis Macy in "Are We Vaccinating Too Much?" AVMA Journal, 1995

" 55% of all illnesses reported by participants occurred within the first three months of vaccination." Arthritis - Diarrhoea - Allergies -Dry eye/conjunctivits - Epilepsy - Loss of appetite Nervous/worrying disposition - Skin problems - Nasal discharges - Vomiting - Weight loss - Behavioural problems - Tumour or growth." Catherine O'Driscoll'

Vaccinations: All Veterinary Schools in North America Changing Vaccination Protocols - Recent editions of the Senior Dogs Project's newsletter have reported on the ever-broadening trend of eliminating vaccinations for adult dogs, except for rabies, where required by state law. We have now had a report that all 27 veterinary schools in North America are in the process of changing their protocols for vaccinating dogs and cats. Here, in a nutshell, are the new guidelines under consideration: "Dogs and cats immune systems mature fully at 6 months. If a modified live virus (MLV) vaccine is given after 6 months of age, it produces immunity, which is good for the life of the pet (i.e., canine distemper, parvo, feline distemper). If another MLV vaccine is given a year later, the antibodies from the first vaccine neutralize the antigens of the second vaccine and there is little or no effect. The titer is not 'boosted' nor are more memory cells induced.

"Not only are annual boosters for parvo and distemper unnecessary, they subject the pet to potential risks of allergic reactions and immune-mediated hemolytic anemia. There is no scientific documentation to back up label claims for annual administration of MLV vaccines. Puppies receive antibodies through their mothers milk. This natural protection can last 8-14 weeks. Puppies and kittens should NOT be vaccinated at LESS than 8 weeks. Maternal immunity will neutralize the vaccine and little protection (0-38%) will be produced. Vaccination at 6 weeks will, however, delay the timing of the first highly effective vaccine. Vaccinations given 2 weeks apart suppress rather than stimulate the immune system. A series of vaccinations is given starting at 8 weeks and given 3-4 weeks apart up to 16 weeks of age. Another vaccination given sometime after 6 months of age (usually at 1 year 4 months) will provide lifetime immunity." srdogs.com

Vaccines…Good Medicine or Bad Advice?
by Russell Swift, DVM

Homeopaths have referred to vaccine induced problems as "vaccinosis" for decades. From my experience and that of others, I say without reservation that many chronic diseases are caused by vaccinations. I often find that a health problem began shortly after vaccination. I am certain this is no coincidence. Fortunately, homeopathy can help. Unfortunately, vaccines are a BILLION dollar industry and vets make a large part of their income from them. Despite the new findings, there is no move to reduce vaccine use. Most use the excuse that they don't want to be sued should an animal become ill. Another rationalization is that some pets are not protected despite vaccination therefore, it is best to vaccinate every pet to be safe. If vets knew how much damage they were doing, I believe most would change. There is too much power and money promoting more vaccines. Vets are inundated with sales people, advertisements and marketing materials telling them how important and lucrative vaccines are. more

Richard H. Pitcairn, D.V.M., Ph.D - "In the process of training as a doctor or veterinarian, one goes in as a relatively naive young person. The conditioning is heavy; it costs a lot of money, and of course you want to do well. Students are told how wonderful vaccines are, and they don't really question it; they accept as a fact that they're these great boons to health, are never harmful, and have saved a lot of lives—it's black and white. The companies making the vaccines have great amounts of money and influence to campaign and advertise. You have a situation on the one hand where doctors are conditioned to accept, and on the other hand companies powerful enough to squelch negative comment." 

Immune-mediated hematological disease and transient bone marrow failure are increasingly recognized sequelae of...vaccination. ... Postvacinal polyneuropathy is a recognized entity associated with...vaccines. ...Adverse reactions to vaccination have also recently been reported with increasing frequency in cats." (Dr. Dodds, 1990)

Charles E Loops DVM - "Homeopathic veterinarians and other holistic practitioners have maintained for some time that vaccinations do more harm than they provide benefits. Vaccinations represent a major assault on the body's immune system."  learn more

 WHAT VETS DON'T TELL YOU ABOUT VACCINES Read the comments of veterinarians who believe that vaccines are damaging our pets. This information will make you cry and aware of the scam that is the mainstay of the veterinary field. Learn the truth  about the terrible suffering of pets and their owners and what can be done to protect your animals from the drug companies and ignorant vets.
The European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance is a coalition of groups and persons in Europe that wish to inform the general public, the politicians, and the press about vaccination adverse effects.
 A shot in the Dark by Harris Coulter Ph.D
 This child died as a result of vaccines - pictures from the CDC about the side effects of vaccinesAnimals aren't the only ones at risk! What Every Parent Should Know BEFORE Their Childen Are Vaccinated! 
Are Antibiotics Making Your Pet Sick?
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xxxVeterinary Secrets Revealed is the bible for solving your pet health problems with natural, at home remedies. Dr. Jones shows you more ways to treat your pet at home than I knew existed. These are all practical remedies that really work. No pet owner should be without this e-book." Dr. Jeff Serfas, Forestburg Animal Hospital 


Vaccinosis and inflammatory bowel disease
by Michael E Dym VMD

"This research is likely alarmingly occurring with the epidemic levels of inflammatory bowel disease in our pets seen over  the past  few decades that was rare 30 years ago"

Directly from human medical research, we have definitive proof of a linkage between polyvalent viral vaccines and inflammatory bowel disease, in particular the combination MMR vaccine and Crohn's disease and/or ulcerative colitis(the same thing?) in susceptible children.  In his masterful research Andrew  Wakefield, MD, a prominent British gastroenterologist, documented measles virus infection in the  intestinal walls of nearly %100 of the autistic children he scoped and biopsied, who developed their disease within a short time after MMR vaccination.   All of the normally developing children did not have any evidence of  measles virus infection or histopathologic evidence of Crohn's or ulcerative colitis.  I believe that he did actually document that the measles virus found in the intestinal walls of these autistic children who developed the disease was vaccine measles virus strain, which he showed via DNA analysis.  And while Dr. Wakefield is not anti-vaccine, he has  lectured that if the vaccines were given monovalently, that such problems had  not been seen.  Unfortunately,  Dr. Wakefield was recently asked to resign from his position because the results of his research was unpopular. According to his work, Dr. Wakefield theorizes that the measles virus infection and subsequent pathology in the gut walls leads to a leaky-gut like syndrome causing absorption of encephelopathic toxins  which directly affects the developing brains of susceptible children leading to autistic like symptoms.

This above research is likely alarmingly occurring with the epidemic levels of inflammatory bowel disease in our pets seen over  the past  few decades that was rare 30 years ago.  Just think how many POLYVALENTLY vaccinated dogs with distemper (a measles virus) are suffering such chronic infections and pathology in their intestines.  I wish that someone would do the research in pets, but of course we all know that this will never happen.  But I wonder how many academically-oriented veterinary gastroenterologists would be interested in reading Dr. Wakefield's research, and examining this issue in our dogs and cats, who are the true victims here. At least it would open up for academic discussion potential origins of this "new" disease of the past few decades.

How many out there are seeing such a link clinically in their  patients. Of course not all of these pets are scoped and biopsied, but there are certainly mega numbers of dogs and cats whose appetites change  forever, and who develop vague chronic waxing and waning GI symptoms which clients just live with (i.e. the maltese who vomits bile once or twice a  month, or the occasional "hairball" vomiting cat) and who vets dismiss as variants of normal.  And what about all of those pets with vague GI symptoms who also have mental/emotional disorders or active CNS  diseases like epilepsy.  Andrew Wakefield's work truly clicks with me in all of these possibilities.

Of course homeopathically, we do not constitutionally prescribe based on types of viral infections or pathology, but such work does lend  credence to the pet vaccinosis epidemic other than looking at adjuvants in the rabies or leukemia virus vaccines as the sole contributors to  perceived rare vaccine-induced disease by our allopathic colleagues.  I hope Andrew Wakefield's work is at some point examined with regards to relevance  in veterinary medicine.  Just tonight, I had a new client come in whose  dog had developed transient bloody/mucousy diarrhea after every vaccine,  and after its last round a few months ago, has had non-relenting colitis signs, and bowels as thick as rope on my exam, which would like be characterized as severe chronic idiopathic inflammatory bowel disease  by most of our colleagues.

Dr. Dee Blanco, D.V.M - "You take healthy animals and often very quickly after you vaccinate, you can see simple things like itching of the skin or excessive licking of the paws, sometimes even with no eruptions," said Dee Blanco, D.V.M., a holistic practitioner in Santa Fe, New Mexico. "We see a lot of epilepsy, often after a rabies vaccination. Or dogs or cats can become aggressive for several days. Frequently, you'll see urinary tract infections in cats, often within three months after their [annual] vaccination. If you step back, open your mind and heart, you'll start to see patterns of illness post-vaccination."

Vaccinations may even contribute to premature death in animals whose immune systems were already compromised, some veterinarians believe. "I had two situations where we had spent a long time building up two older, severely immunocompromised dogs, and then their owners had them vaccinated for just about everything known to man," recalled Dr. Carvel Tiekert, executive director and founder of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association headquartered in Bel Air, Maryland. "Both of those dogs died within about a month of vaccination. Can we prove a cause and effect? No. Do I think there was a cause and effect? Yes." more

One of my rescued dog suffered from severe painful inflamation of its paws as a result of vaccination. I treated him withhomeopathic remedies  to help remove the vaccine poisons and to detox him. I also boosted his immune system with raw food diet, flaxseed oil, greens, and Transfer Factor. He eventually recovered. Shirley

Dog Lyme Vaccine

Allen M. Schoen, D.V.M., M.S.  - "As far as prevention goes, this is a sticky wicket. There is a great deal of controversy concerning the dog Lyme vaccine. There is a great debate about how well they actually work as well as potential side effects. There are publications concerning its safety, but the researchers only look 24 hours after the vaccine reaction. Research at Cornell University veterinary school brings up some suspicion that there may be potential long term side effects of the vaccine, though nothing is certain. These side effects may vary from rheumatoid arthritis and all the major symptoms of lyme disease to acute kidney failure. Though nothing is definitively documented, I personally am very cautious and do not recommend vaccinating for Lyme disease even though it is so epidemic here. Many veterinary schools and major veterinary centers do not recommend the vaccine for the same concern regarding potential side effects. I have seen all the symptoms of Lyme disease in dogs four to eight weeks after the vaccine and when I sent the western blot test to Cornell, it shows no evidence of the disease, only evidence of the dog having been vaccinated, yet the dog shows all the classic symptoms of the disease. There is a new dog vaccine out that claims that it does not have any of the side effects, however, I still remain cautious and will wait for a year or two to see. I personally would rather treat my dog for Lyme disease rather than risking the potential side effects of the vaccine. In addition, there is a question of actually how well it works. Until more safety and decreased risk of side effects and efficacy are demonstrated, I recommend holding off."

Vaccines, Infectious Diseases and the Canine Immune System

Vaccines, both in human and animal medicine, have come under attack recently with critics blaming adverse reactions and long-term health disorders on their wide-spread and frequent use. However, most immunologists agree that the risks of disease far outweigh the risks associated with the process of vaccinating. Unfortunately, to those humans and pets who comprise the minority high-risk group for vaccine reactions, the advantages offered by vaccines are understandably overshadowed by fears of debilitating or even fatal adverse reactions. The following article provides a brief overview of the canine immune system and the benefits which canine vaccines provide. Additionally, the controversy of vaccination is examined in relation to underlying health disorders or situations that may increase potential risk to adverse reactions.

Lack of scientific evidence to support the current practice of annual vaccination and increasing documentation showing that overvaccinating has been associated with harmful side effects. Of particular note in this regard has been the association of autoimmune hemolytic anemia with vaccination in dogs and vaccine-associated sarcomas in cats -- both of which are often fatal.*  With boosters (except for rabies vaccine), the annual revaccination recommendation on the vaccine label is just that -- a recommendation without the backing of long term duration of immunity studies, and is not a legal requirement. more

Testimonial of a Dog's full recovery from Auto Immune Haemolytic Anaemia

Note: AIHA Canine autoimmune hemolytic anemia (AIHA) is a disease characterized by increased destruction of red blood cells (erythrocytes) by the dog's own immune system. Though much attention has been given recently to AIHA due to evidence linking the process of vaccinating with the manifestation of this sometimes life-threatening disease, immunization is only one potential cause for this condition.

Sometimes you have to vaccinate your dog. Many boarding kennels require proof of vaccination, as do obedience schools. For the latest research on vaccines and learn about the new vaccines that are on the market refer to the 2nd edition of the Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog

Report An Adverse Drug Experience Veterinarians and animal owners are encouraged to report adverse experiences and product failures to the government Agency that regulates the product in question.

Feline Chronic Renal Failure (CRF)
It has long been known that chronic renal failure (CRF) in cats has an inflammatory component. Chronic low-grade inflammation causes gradual destruction and scarring of the kidney, eventually resulting in loss of function and failure of the organ. However, what was not known was what caused the inflammation in the first place. Recent research from Colorado State University suggests a link between vaccination for feline distemper (panleukopenia) and the development of chronic renal failure. The distemper virus is grown in a feline kidney cell culture to make the vaccine. The distemper virus is grown in a feline kidney cell culture to make the vaccine. Earlier research at Purdue University showed that puppies given a vaccine grown in calf serum developed antibodies to calf proteins that also reacted against the puppies' own cells. These auto-antibodies (antibodies to self, or to one's own tissues) may contribute to later development of autoimmune diseases. Every subsequent vaccine caused the puppies to form even more antibodies.

Information on Feline Vaccination Dangers and Concerns
By Michelle T. Bernard, Author of Raising Cats Naturally

"One of the major problems with vaccination is that the viruses (most vaccines given to cats are combinations of multiple viruses) are injected directly into the bloodstream, completely bypassing the body's normal defense mechanisms. A two-pound kitten gets exactly the same dose as a 12-pound adult. There is no accounting for the differences in weight, age, sex, breed, health status or susceptibility. The most common feline vaccine combination, called a "three-in-one" contains feline viral rhinotracheitis ("rhino") also known as feline herpesvirus, feline calicivirus ("calici") and feline panleukopenia ("panleukopenia") is commonly referred to as FVRCP. Rhino and calici are both upper respiratory infections ("URIs"). Panleukopenia, also called feline distemper, is a disease similar to canine parvovirus, which causes severe vomiting and diarrhea." more

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"... [excerpt] ..."
David M. McCluggage, D.V.M.

Dr. McCluggage covered the holistic perspective on vaccinations. "...He stated that we must stop advocating yearly vaccines because of the harm we are doing to the animals we vaccinate. He covered the homeopathic concept of "vaccinosis". Vaccinosis is a disease entity that may be introduced through vaccinating animals or people. Once vaccinosis develops, there is a disturbance in the bodies vital forces that leads to symptoms of chronic disease that can be very difficult (and often impossible) to cure. Dr. McCluggage also stated that there are no good reasons to recommend annual vaccinations for our companion animals. For clients Interested in a holistic approach, nosodes should be employed instead. Dr. McCluggage discussed alternative methods to run a profitable veterinary practice, including utilizing alternative modalities such as acupuncture and chiropractic medicine. ( the article is located near the bottom of that page)

Frustrated with the Failures of Conventional Veterinary Medicine:

Charles E Loops DVM - "After 10 years of traditional veterinary practice I became tired of having no treatment for chronic disease, incurable conditions, and a plethora of allergic maladies which seem to plague all veterinary practices. I was frustrated with giving animals cortisone because I had no other solutions, or using antibiotics for infections which I knew were of viral origin. There is so much that can be done for an animal, bird, or reptile that is ailing by utilizing homeopathic medicine."

Correctly prescribed homeopathic remedies can often undue the damage caused by vaccines
Homeopathy is noted for its success to antidote or remove the toxic effects of vaccines and to re-establish balance in the organism and restore health. Certain homeopathic remedies taken after vaccination can minimize  vaccine damage. A professional homeopathic vet should be consulted for more information.

Dr. Smits MD - : "Once the diagnosis of The Post-Vaccination Syndrome (PVS) is considered a simple and efficient treatment can restore health by giving the vaccinations that caused the disease in homeopathic potencies. Even severe damage as paralysis, epilepsy, general decline, etc. can partially or completely be restored."Dr. Smits' website

by Dr Charles E Loops DVM

Homeopathic veterinarians and other holistic practitioners have maintained for some time that vaccinations do more harm than they provide benefits. Vaccinations represent a major assault on the body's immune system. Attentuated organisms or chemicalled killed viruses or bacteria are injected directly into the blood stream, an unnatural route of infection. This profound insult, avoiding the body's first line of defenses, and flooding the system with millions of organisms or viral particles, stresses the immune system in a way not of natures design. This insult causes irregularities and abnormalities in the immune system which then manifests as chronic diseases in animals.

These chronic diseases range from life-threatening conditions such as auto-immune crises to conditions destroying the quality of life of an animal as in chronic skin allergies. What we are now seeing are generations of over-vaccinated animals and these current offspring are suffering the penalty of this medical abuse. In an attempt to control a naturally occurring process of population control and survival of the fittest, the medical establishment has convinced people that mass innoculations are for the good of all, overlooking the health of the individual. Where vaccinations have helped in eradicating or reducing the incidence of severe, acute disease processes, the result has been to plague humanity with more insiduous, chronic diseases that are much more difficult to treat and that lower the quality of life for many individual animals and people. In all of this, there needs to be BALANCE, and the following are my recommendations for vaccinating or not vaccinating and some comments about diet. 1. Puppies under three months of age should not be vaccinated. Vaccinations are much more stressful on the underdeveloped immune system.

Also, these vaccinations are much less effective at providing immunity before three months of age. If you feel you must vaccinate, do so with one vaccination of Distemper at three months, followed by a vaccination for Parvovirus at four months of age, and stop with that. If you can't find a single Distemper vaccine use the Distemper-measles combination. Use killed vaccines only.

2. Kittens should only be vaccinated for Panleukopenia and not before three months of age. All other vaccinations should be avoided. One vaccine is sufficient.

3. Puppies and kittens can be given homeopathic nosodes beginning at three weeks of age, if there is a potential for exposure to Distemper, Parvovirus, or Panleukopenia. These nosodes can be used until vaccinations are given or continued periodically for the first year of life, if vaccinations are not given. Common sense should be used in avoiding exposure of very young animals to other, possible unhealthy, animals of the same species.

4. Booster vaccinations are completely unnecessary. Studies are now showing that these vaccinations are effective for many years and most probably for life. Vaccinated animals do not need any boosters. Homeopathic nosodes can be given periodically if you are concerned or if you think your animals live a high risk, life style.

5. Rabies Vaccinations should be given as dictated by state laws. Lyssin, the homeopathic nosode, should be given within a few hours after the vaccination. Clearly, the rabies vaccination is effective for many years more than state laws require booster vaccination.

6. Booster vaccinations can cause SEVERE set-backs when an animal is being treated homeopathically for chronic problems. They can completely erase any progress that has been made towards improving an animal's health.

7. My personal recommendation is NOT to vaccinate at all. The best road to good health is feeding a diet rich in fresh foods, raw meats for the carnivores, and avoiding vaccinations and allopathic medications. Antbiotics and other allopathic drugs should only be used in situations where their use is clearly indicated, and this should be only in potentially, life-threatening situations. Every time you suppress a symptom the body produces, you are potentially lowering the health status of the body system. Treating with the correctly prescribed, homeopathic remedy, herbs, or other non-invasive therapies, not of a chemical nature, will enhance your health and your companions health.

  • 1. Puppies under three months of age should not be vaccinated.
  • 2. Kittens should only be vaccinated for Panleukopenia and not before three months of age.
  • 3. Puppies and kittens can be given homeopathic nosodes beginning at three weeks of age
  • 4. Booster vaccinations are completely unnecessary.
  • 7. My personal recommendation is NOT to vaccinate at all.

Rabie Vaccines
By law, an animal must be vaccinated against rabies every three years. To protect your pet, you can request a homeopathic antidote to minimize the side effects of vaccine damage from Dr. Charlie Loops DVM. The cost is $6.00 for single doses and $15 for 1/4 ounce bottles for repeated dosing. I believe that sick animals or animals with a compromised immune system can get an examption to rabie vaccines. Check with your local animal control authorities.

"I have used Transfer Factor animal stress pack in several emergency cases including a horse that had a severe reaction to routine immunizations.  This horse could not walk, his hind end was doubled under him and his entire body was a big spasm.  He was unable to urinate and did not have a bowel movement in two days.  His central nervous system was in shock.  I began energy therapy and TF animal stress pack was given every 4 hours.  In two days the horse was able to walk. One month later the horse shows very little permanant damage.  He could have been crippled.  The stress pack worked miracles. I would highly recommend Transfer Factor for both human and animals."
Pam is  the author of "
Zen and the Horse".

Viera Scheibner, PhD - "I did not find it difficult to conclude that there is no evidence whatsoever that vaccines or any kind are effective in preventing the infectious diseases they are supposed to prevent. Further, adverse effects are amply documented and are far more significant to public health than any adverse effects of infectious diseases. Immunizations not only did not prevent any infectious diseases, they caused more suffering and more deaths than has any other human activity n the entire history of medical intervention. It will be decades before the mopping-up after the disasters caused by childhood vaccination will be completed. "

Vaccinations: Too Many, Too Often?
T J Dunn, Jr. DVM

This article was developed to shed light on these very questions of vaccine use. Times are changing and vaccine protocols are changing. But are we being swayed by unproved theories or are our decisions being made based on scientific and statistical evidence? After reading this article on vaccinations in dogs and cats, you, the dog and cat's health care provider, will be better equipped to answer the question: Vaccinations...Too Many, Too Often?

By: Dr. John Fudens, D.V.M.

"All mandatory rabies vaccination programs are colorable law, in that they have been passed and mandated upon the pet owning public by certain vested interest groups. Who are these groups? First and foremost are veterinarians, in general, and veterinarian medical organizations. Second are the local animal control personnel, bureaucrats and politicians. What are their reasons? GREED, POWER AND CONTROL. Both these large powerful interest groups stand to benefit greatly by having rabies mandated by colorable law."

"Veterinarians receive a large percentage of both their gross income and profit from vaccines given in the office. On average vaccines cost 60 to 95 cents per dose and are charged to the client at $15 to $25 per injection and substantially more in the large cities. Therefore, if veterinarians lobby to have a colorable law passed to give rabies vaccine every year that enhances their financial picture."

"The vaccines, particularly rabies, are a political and economic scam being forced upon pet owners because they do not know the truth."

NATURAL IMMUNITY Why You Should NOT Vaccinate! by Pat McKay

A Book Review by Rhona Zaid, PhD
By clearly defining the physical problems vaccination causes at the outset, she establishes a frame of reference for the subsequent data and commentary that oppose it. "The general public has been sucked into believing that decayed animals, diseased blood, sera, bacteria, viruses, formaldehyde, mercury derivatives, acetone, aluminum and carbolic acid - shot directly into our blood systems - is the answer to keeping us free of disease. How barbaric." As she permits the reader to view the issue through the clear lens of common sense by removing the opacity and confusion caused by vested interests, she justifies her findings that vaccination "is not about protecting our animals and children, but about money and greed." Skillfully interweaving the opinions of medical and veterinary authorities, as well as evidence exposed by medical historians and researchers, McKay uncovers the hidden agenda in the vaccination question. Citing such renowned authorities as Robert Mendelsohn, MD; Viera Scheibner, Phd; veterinarians Michael Lemmon, Christina Chambreau, Russell Swift and the noted Richard Pitcairn, she produces a consensus of informed opinion that demonstrates how and why vaccination is indeed hazardous to the health. Following Pitcairn's admonition, "If you knew...that you would be sentencing an animal to a lifetime of chronic disease...would you still vaccinate?", she supports the point that repeated vaccination, in human and non-human animals, causes both acute and chronic diseases, but to which problems the medical establishment conveniently attaches other labels and causes. Concurring with medical historian Eustace Mullins that immunization may well be the most pernicious of practices, McKay underscores the fact that vaccination "goes directly against the discovery of modern holistic medical experts that the body has a natural immune defense against illness." more

Subject: Loosing pups to vaccines
Date: Wed, 3 Jul 2002
From:  "Gitta Vaughn" <gittavaughn@earthlink.net

I just want to take a moment to congratulate you to your newsletter. I think it is a great way of reminding people like me to go visit your site more often, a great way to let us know what is going on.

The vaccination story hit home. Two weeks ago we euthanized two beautiful, healthy German Shepherd pups. After discussion vaccination pros and cons with two holistic vets we decided on an alternate schedule of parvo and distemper and delayed the first parvo shot until they were 9 weeks old. After the second distemper shot two pups developed high fever within 12 and 24 hours and suffered from failing health for two weeks with a variety of symptoms  like diarrhea, lack of appetite, depression, weight loss. It all culminated in cluster seizures and after the most horrifying 24 hours of our lives we had both pups euthanized. Of course the vaccine manufacturer denies any connection with the vaccine. The third pup
got sick as well but not as severe and recovered.

The pups did receive the homeopathic remedy, Thuja, immediately after each vaccination. We have tried Distempervinum for the two pups we lost, but it was too late, however I believe it saved the third one. We gave a dose of 200C twice daily for 5 days. Her symptoms remained mild and as far as we can tell now there are no neurological or other damages. Ironically we didn't use combo vaccines to prevent just that.

Even though we don't have children, it is not too hard to imagine the horrible pain a parent must go through to lose a healthy, happy child because of a mandatory vaccine.

Keep us all informed about the things we need to know.

Thank you for all your hard work that goes into your site and your newsletter.

Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy (HOD)
Hypertrophic osteodystrophy causes lameness and extreme pain in young growing dogs, usually of a large breed. Great danes, German shepherds, dobermans, retrievers and weimaraners are examples of breeds that may be affected by this condition. It appears to occur in weimaraners as a vaccine reaction and this may also affect mastiffs and great Danes. In this case, it usually occurs a few days after vaccination and may appear to be worse than the "average" case on radiographs.

HOD usually shows up as an acute lameness, often seeming to affect all four legs simultaneously. Affected dogs may stand in a "hunched up" stance or refuse to stand up at all. They may have a fever but this is not consistently present. They usually have painful swellings around the lower joints on the legs. Some puppies will die from this disease, some suffer permanent disability but many recover later. The disease is so painful that many owners elect to euthanize the puppy rather than watch it suffer, despite the reasonably good chance for recovery, long term. Affected dogs may be so ill that they refuse to eat.

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A handbook of Homeopathic Alternative to Immunization
by Susan Curtis BA, MCH, RShom

This book was written as a practical guide to explain what homeopathy has
to offer as alternatives to immunization

Jean Dodds DVM - "Immune-mediated hematological disease and transient bone marrow failure are increasingly recognized sequelae of...vaccination. ... Postvacinal polyneuropathy is a recognized entity associated with...vaccines. ...Adverse reactions to vaccination have also recently been reported with increasing frequency in cats."

"This morning I ran into a frantic lady, who recently lost her 5 yr. old dachsie, (died of complications due to back paralysis), which she claimed was due to having her dog vaccinated for rabies every year. She said she once worked for a Vet, and said she also had pamphlets that claim many vets over vaccinate these small dogs for the sake of making extra $$$$. She also said this breed is far too small to intake yearly vaccinations and this will eventually paralyse them as it did hers."

Vet Economics or Animal Companions' Well-Being?
"The fact is that for many small-pet dominant veterinary practices, the shots are critical to their economic wherewithal," says Schwartz. "In this era of financial manipulation by Enron, WorldCom and Arthur Andersen, could we now can add veterinarians? Who can you trust? In fact even veterinarians have begun to question the necessity and ethics of this practice."

One veterinarian in Texas has filed a complaint with the Attorney General of Texas and the Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners against his colleagues for their over-vaccination practices.

"Every year the people of Texas spend $360 million on unnecessary and potentially harmful vaccinations for their pets," writes Dr. Bob Rogers of Spring, TX. "Charging for vaccines that have no benefit and are potentially harmful is theft by deception and cruelty to animals."

Schwartz has taken action of his own by incorporating the tax exempt Next-To-Kin(SM) Foundation to advocate for dogs, cats and their owners. Next-To-Kin's mission is to extend and enhance the quality of life of traditional companion animals by preventing unnecessary death, illness and suffering. In addition to eliminating over-vaccination, the foundation seeks to be a voice in support of legal efforts to recognize that dogs and cats have value beyond that of mere property. more

Our Pets: Vaccine Alternative
by Donna M. Raditic, D.V.M.

"Titering" is a blood test that is drawn from your pet and sent to a lab to measure the current protective immunity your pet has maintained from prior vaccinations or exposure. Currently, we can routinely titer for canine distemper, lyme and parvo and feline panleukopenia and herpes. Adequate titers demonstrating protective levels may replace the need for annual vaccinations against some diseases. learn more

TAKE THE TITER TEST Testing a dog’s serum antibody titers can prevent overvaccinating. Taking blood for an annual titer test, to check a dog’s level of immune defenses, should replace the habit of vaccinating dogs annually whether or not they need it.

Adverse Vaccine reactions may not necessarily be right after injection, but can be 24-30 days later, usually it's the second dose. Learn about:

  • Some of the Harmful Effects of Vaccinations
  • What to do if your animal has a reaction to a vaccination

By Marina Zacharias

This website is dedicated to providing factual information and background for breeders to become sufficiently informed to make their own decisions.

Bob Rogers DVM Presents
Public Seminars available for Dog & Cat Clubs and other interested groups
Are We Over Vaccinating Our Pets?

New Vaccination Protocols by Robert L. Rogers, DVM

Critter Fixer Pet Hospital in Texas New Vaccination Immunology: New Protocols

  • Because of dogs like "Katy".... Katy developed Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia ( a disease where the body rejects its own blood) after her annual vaccinations. This syndrome has been shown to be associated with annual vaccinations. After 6 weeks of care the total bill was over $3000. Katy was lucky to survive. Less than 50% of dogs with Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia survive.
  • Because of cats like "Maria"... Maria developed a fibrosarcoma from her annual rabies & leukemia vaccinations. This is a terminal type of cancer. Even with surgery, chemotherapy & radiation therapy, the average survival time for cats with vaccination induced fibrosarcomas is less than 3 years. Because aluminum adjuvants have been incriminated we have avoided aluminum adjuvants for over 12 years. To do everything in our power to prevent fibrosarcomas, Dr Rogers and his staff do not use any adjuvanted vaccines, injectable Program, Droncit or Depo-Medrol in cats as of 4/1/2002. (see picture)

"... [excerpt] ..."
T J Dunn, Jr. DVM

If you choose to vaccinate your own dog or cat, there are a few things you should consider first. Remember...any animal could have an adverse reaction to any vaccine. The probability is small, but if it happens, your pet could be in big trouble...fast!

Adverse reactions from vaccinations are rare but do happen. The worst case scenario occurs when the dog or cat has what is termed an ANAPHYLACTIC REACTION. These hypersensitivity reactions cause a number of physiologic disturbances within the body that result in low blood pressure, slow heart rate and depressed breathing rate. The pet goes into a SHOCK REACTION...

"... [excerpt] ..."
Canine Health Census Vaccine Survey

The following text forms chapter 11 of Catherine O'Driscoll's new book:-
"The homoeopathic veterinarian Christopher Day, on the other hand, suspected that around 80% of the diseases he treats in his surgery are vaccine related, and occur within three months of vaccination where the start date of the illness is known."

" 55% of all illnesses reported by participants occurred within the first three months of vaccination." Arthritis - Diarrhoea - Allergies -Dry eye/conjunctivits - Epilepsy - Loss of appetite Nervous/worrying disposition - Skin problems - Nasal discharges - Vomiting - Weight loss - Behavioural problems - Tumour or growth.

Dogs contracting the diseases they were vaccinated against: Hepatitis - 63.6% occurred within three months of vaccination Parainfluenza - 50% occurred within three months of vaccination Parvovirus - 68.2% occurred within three months of vaccination Distemper - 55.6% occurred within three months of vaccination Leptospirosis - 100% of dogs contracted leptospirosis within three months of vaccination

"... [excerpt] ..."
What Vets don't tell you about vaccination
by Catherine O'Driscoll

"Dr Ronald D Schultz, one of the foremost veterinary immunologists in the world, is on record as saying that annual vaccination for viral disease is not only unnecessary, but that it also causes significant problems. A growing number of vets, predominantly in America but also in the UK, contend that vaccines  are now causing more diseases than they are preventing."

The arguments against vaccination include the following viewpoints:

  • - vaccines do not prevent disease or immunise, they sensitise
  • - vaccines cause encephalitis, inflammation of the brain - vaccines are deadly poisons
  • - vaccines can cause the disease they are designed to prevent
  • - vaccines shed into the environment, spreading disease - vaccines disarm and unbalance the immune system

 The book can be purchased in N. America from star.pwd@sympatico.ca -- You can also order the book online from Abywood pubishing

Alternative Therapy for Our Animals
Read about FDA's alledged abuse of power toward pet store owner who supplied litterature claiming that vitamins would keep pets healthy. The article, written by James DeMeo, Ph.D. can be found at The FDA - Who Do They Really Protect? Anti-Constitutional Activities and Abuse of Police Power by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and other Federal Agencies.

Animals aren't the only ones at risk! What Every Parent Should Know BEFORE Their Childen Are Vaccinated!

What Every Parent Should Know BEFORE Their Childen Are Vaccinated - pictures from the CDC about the side effects of vaccinesVaccines: are they really safe and effective? Why are a growing number of parents and health care professionals around the world questioning vaccination? The controversy stems from the thousands of deaths and permanent disabilities attributed to vaccination annually, as well as the many published medical studies, government statistics, congressional testimonies, and other credible sources that directly contradict commonly held assumptions about vaccine safety and effectiveness. More pictures of vaccine damage

available to view at the CDC website

 Congressman is calling for criminal penalties for any government agency that knew about the dangers of thimerosal in vaccines and did nothing to protect American children. Congressman Dan Burton (R-Indiana) during Congressional Hearing: "You mean to tell me that since 1929, we've been using Thimerosal, and the only  test that you know of is from 1929, and every one of those people had mennigitis, and they all died?" For nearly an hour, Burton repeatedly asked FDA and CDC officials what they knew and when they knew it. (Thimerosal contains a related mercury compound called ethyl mercury. Mercury is a toxic metal that can cause immune, sensory, neurological, motor, and behavioral dysfunctions.)

"Bart Classen, a Maryland physician, published data showing that diabetes rates rose significantly in New Zealand following a massive hepatitis B vaccine campaign in young children, and that diabetes rates also went up sharply in Finland after three new childhood vaccines were introduced." Nicholas Regush ABCNEWS.com

This child died as a result of vaccines - pictures from the CDC about the side effects of vaccinesIn fall 1997, two influential professional magazines featured articles asking the question: Has the decrease of infectious diseases in childhood through the mass use of vaccines been replaced with an increase in chronic diseases such as diabetes and asthma? The Economist, a prestigious international magazine read by world leaders in government, business and public policy, and Science News, a magazine read by both health care professionals and the general public, explored the reported links between vaccines and chronic diseases in their November 22, 1997 issues.

This child died as a result of vaccine

Dr. David Ayoub, M.D. lectures on Vaccines, Mercury, Autism and other disease  David Ayoub, M.D. goes through the relations of Mercury to Autism as well its connections to “National Security Study Memorandum 200”; for population control. Showing its shocking connections to today’s G.A.V.I. Are powerful forces really trying to help the poor people or could it be for another agenda; the sterilization of the poor? This is an upsetting video, so brace yourself.  video 

Vaccination the Hidden Truth  This is the shocking but extremely informative video documentary Vaccination - The Hidden Truth (1998) where fifteen people, including Dr. Viera Scheibner (a PhD researcher), five medical doctors, other researchers, reveal what is really going on in relation to illness and vaccines. Ironically, the important facts come from the orthodox medicine?s own peer-reviewed research. With so much government and medical promotion of vaccination for prevention of disease, the video is clearly devoted to presenting the other side of the issue that parents and others are not being told. The result is a damning account of the ineffectiveness of vaccines and their often harmful effects. It declares that parents are not being told the truth by the media, the Health Department and the medical establishment, with a medical doctor, Dr. Mark Donohoe, confessing that "It is a problem for me that I am part of a profession that is systematically lying to people?". Find out how vaccines are proven to have harmful effects to your health and why do we still have to be vaccinated although there is no real need for it. Although many people simply refuse to believe this, the impeccable documentation presented in this amazing video has changed the minds of many who saw it. video

Mercury - What is its role in Autism and Alzheimer's Disease? Boyd Haley, Ph.D.,  a biochemist at the University of Kentucky, is probably one of the world's top experts on mercury toxicity. Hear this fascinating review of the irrefutable evidence that links mercury toxicity to Autism and Alzheimer's disease. video  (NOTE: this video can only be watched with Internet Explorer browser. You'll have to click on the "Play" link in the left column) 

A shot in the Dark by Harris Coulter Ph.DA Shot in the Dark : Why the P in the Dpt Vaccination May Be Hazardous to Your Child's Health by Harris L. Coulter Ph.D., Barbara Loe Fisher  For those in the UK click here

!! A must-read for doctors and medical students !!
"This book affords a chilling glimpse into the world of organized health care and the nightmare which faces vaccine damaged children and their families. As the father of a child who was crippled for life by a pertussis vaccine, I can certainly attest to the horrors it relates. But I would go on record as saying it is mainly a must-read for doctors, because parents won't read it until it is already too late to do anything (as in my case, for example). But doctors must be made to see that current vaccination practice, as it now stands, is destroying the lives of thousands of people needlessly. Furthermore, they should be made aware of the extent to which the institutions they belong will go in order to cover up the evidence when it implicates an accepted practice. My only criticism of this book is that it will not bring my son back to me." an amazon.com reviewer: Alexis Coe from Koirakylä, Finland

The rotavirus vaccine was stopped after one child died and many others reported serious intestinal problems following its use. A rapid rise in autism may be connected to the MMR vaccine and the mercury found in several vaccines.What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children's Vaccinations by Stephanie Cave, M.D., a family practitioner in Baton Rouge who specializes in children with autism and related disorders. She has been featured on CNN regarding children and vaccinations and testified in congressional hearings in July 2000.

"After my infant daughter had an immediate physical reaction and a prolonged, 4-week neurological reaction to her routine 4-month vaccinations, I began searching for information about vaccines and safety that would help me determine the best, safest course of action with future vaccines. Searching the internet yielded an enormous amount of information - some of which is very alarmist and frightening and some of which is overly scientific and hard for a non-scientific parent to understand. It is very difficult to find information that is easy to understand, balanced presenting both the pros and the cons, and is comprehensive, facts-based and well-researched. This book is by far the most comprehensive and most useful information contained in a single cover that I have found. An added benefit is that the information is presented in such a way that it is a very compelling read - I read the 1st 100 pages within 3 hours after my amazon box arrived - while tending to a busy, crawling infant!" book reviewer

The FDA admits that the 12,000 reports it receives annually on pharmacologic side effects from vaccines represent only a fraction of what actually occurs. Congressman is calling for criminal penalties for any government agency that knew about the dangers of thimerosal in vaccines and did nothing to protect American children. Congressman Dan Burton(R-Indiana) during Congressional Hearing: "You mean to tell me that since 1929, we've been using Thimerosal, and the only  test that you know of is from 1929, and every one of those people had mennigitis, and they all died?" For nearly an hour, Burton repeatedly asked FDA and CDC officials what they knew and when they knew it. (Thimerosal contains a related mercury compound called ethyl mercury. Mercury is a toxic metal that can cause immune, sensory, neurological, motor, and behavioral dysfunctions.)

Immunization by Walene James
The only book that explores the vaccination issue from political, ethical, psychological, aesthetic, and spiritual perspectives. Using principles of general semantics to recognize propaganda, particularly medical propaganda, it points to the power of the media to create our reality. James suggests an unusual consciousness-raising plan of action to insure freedom of choice and nonharrassment of persons who choose to stay off the vaccine bandwagon. The author's controversial position is supported throughout the book by the scientific discoveries of researchers who have received little recognition in orthodox medical literature. This new, completely revised edition shows: how vaccinations damage the immune and nervous systems, the vaccine-drug-AIDS connection, how to become "propaganda-proof," and how to develop new paradigms of health and preventive medicine.


Vaccination, Social Violence, and Criminality : The Medical Assault on the American Brain by Harris L. Coulter

Vaccination, Social Violence and Criminality. '...It is the thesis of this remarkable book that early vaccinations can result in mild cases of sub-clinical encephalitis which, in turn, may well be responsible -- at least in part -- for the increase in autism, hyperactivity, dyslexia, sociopathy, and developmental disabilities, a rise that roughly coincides with the initiation of infant vaccinations. Coulter suggests further linkages to the increase in adolescent crime and suicide, and the decline in SAT scores.' Stanley Kripner, AHP, January 1993.


The Vaccine Guide : Making an Informed Choice by Randall Neustaedter
For those in the UK click here

Neustaedter, a family primary care physician, helps parents decide whether to immunize infants and children. He discusses toxicity of vaccines, treatments for adverse offects, legal requirements, alternative vaccines, and evaluations of vaccine effectiveness.


Introduction to homeopathy by Joan Goddard is a Registered Classical Homeopath
Homeopathy FAQs Answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about homoeopathy (more faq)
Homeopathy Mailing List FAQ - in HomeopathyHome
Frequently Asked Questions - from Dr. Vaishnav
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Ten Most Frequently Asked Questions on Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathy for Healing Diseases/Conditions
Homeopathy is an art and a science. Consult a homeopathic physician to deterskilled homeopathic practitioner homeopathy can do miracles. Unless you are familiar with homeopathy, it is always best to consult with a professional homeopath instead of attempting to do it on your own as you could ess things up.

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Post Polio Syndrome

Are Antibiotics Making Your Pet Sick?

"Antibiotics disrupt the normal population of beneficial microbes in the gastrointestinal tract of all animals, these beneficial bacteria are the first fine of defense against most diseases, without them the animal is more susceptible to other infections. Antibiotics depress the immune system by decreasing the number of circulating white blood cells. This lowers the animal's ability to fight infections. Some antibiotics, such as chloramphenicol, can cause irreversible damage to the bone marrow. Many bacteria develop resistance to the effects of antibiotics, This resistance can be passed to other bacteria, The concern is that if humans are exposed to resistant bacteria from animals then the use of antibiotics may be Ineffective in treating any resulting disease. This is the major controversy regarding the use of antibiotics on a regular basis in food producing animals." Richard J. Holliday, DVM

"After 40 years of pushing antibiotics for any ailment, physicians are now confronting bacteria that have built defenses against those same drugs. Some infectious bacteria that were once treatable are stronger and often deadly. The reappearance of highly infectious bacteria is caused in part by the overuse and misuse of antibiotics, but the resilience of bacteria also stems from the ingenious biochemistry of the microorganisms themselves. To survive, microorganisms and fungi mutate into resistant strains."Morton Walker, D.P.M.

"Our society has been conditioned with quick-fix and band-aid medicine. We know from experience that this often times only gives temporary relief and in fact can generate a rebound effect of symptoms or undesirable side-effects. Complimentary medicine, in particular Homeopathy and Herbs, can play a very large part in the successful rearing of our animals. Homeopathy and Herbs are essentially, natural healing processes, providing remedies to assist the patient to regain health by stimulating the body's natural forces of recovery. They concentrate on treating the patient, rather than the disease." Marina Zacharias, author of Healthy Breeding with Herbs and Homeopathy

Are Antibiotics Making Your Pet Sick?
by Jesse Dallas , author of 
Pets Need Wholesome Food Also

Diarrhea, abdominal pain, severe inflammation of the colon (colitis), irritable bowel syndrome, skin problems, fever, elevated white blood cell count, weak immune system, vomiting, dehydration, potassium deficiencies, allergies, colon perforation, bad breath, excess stomach gas, yeast problems, nutritional deficiencies and constipation are just some of the many side effects and problems linked to antibiotics.

In 1928, when Alexander Glemming discovered antibiotics, everyone was raving at this incredible breakthrough in medicine. However, over the years, this breakthrough which was heralded with curing disease is now creating disease and problems of its own.

Bacteria now has built resistance to many antibiotics. Hence, stronger and stronger antibiotics are needed to do the job and if weaker antibiotics create problems, can you imagine what more powerful antibiotics will do?

It's a vicious circle because ultimately bacteria will build resistance to the new and more powerful antibiotics too! New forms of bacteria and disease are being created. These new problems are very dangerous and the flesh eating disease is the best example of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Antibiotics literally means against life (anti = against and biotic = life). In a healthy body, there is both good and bad bacteria in the intestinal tract. There should be about 80% good bacteria and about 20% bad bacteria.

When antibiotics are used, both good and bad bacteria are destroyed in the intestinal tract. Once the antibiotics are stopped, the bad bacteria grows back first and faster. The result is a very unhealthy and weak body with no friendly bacteria.

It takes on average 1 year to recover from antibiotics if you are feeding good food and supplementing with friendly bacteria. If the diet you are feeding is bad, then your pet will take even longer to recover and may never fully recover.

Antibiotics relieve symptomatic problems but after the antibiotics are stopped, the symptoms come back. So what happens now? They give more antibiotics. What's ironic is that antibiotics are then given to help combat the problems that the antibiotics created in the body. Antibiotics are definitely over prescribed and over used. Antibiotics for example do nothing for a virus and yet are often administered anyway.

Hopefully soon, common sense will prevail and medical practitioners will realize what is happening. But, it is up to you, the people to put pressures on vets to become more careful about their practice of administering antibiotics. In fact, encourage your vets to learn the alternatives. Make them aware that there are side effects that can no longer ignored. Before antibiotics, what did people do?

In World War 1, medics put garlic cloves, which have long been acclaimed for their natural antibiotic properties, in the wounds of soldiers. Some use bee propolis which has natural phagocystosis properties. Phagocystosis is the ability to encourage white blood cells to destroy bacteria.

There are certainly many other natural antibiotics which have no side effects (except bad breath in garlic's case). In general, natural antibiotics only attack bad bacteria and leave the friendly bacteria alone. Become aware that although antibiotics have helped save many lives, they are not a cure by any means.


- The body should have 80% friendly bacteria and about 20% bad bacteria inside the intestinal tract. After the use of antibiotics, the body will have no more than 20% friendly bacteria and 80% bad bacteria if not more.

-Most illness, disease and problems begin in the intestinal tract. Thus, antibiotics create the potential for serious illness to begin.

-You may not be giving your pet antibiotics, but if it has ever eaten foods with preservatives, you have been giving your pet what I call 'hidden antibiotics'. The job of preservatives is to control bacteria and once your pet eats food with preservatives, it will ultimately have an effect inside the intestinal tract too and kill the friendly bacteria.

-You should expect it will take at the very least 1 year to recolonize the intestinal tract with friendly bacteria after the use of antibiotics.

-Recolonize the intestinal tract with friendly bacteria by using supplements and feeding natural foods.

Richard H. Bennett, Ph.D - "For decades, the approach to maintaining healthy animals was to wait for signs and symptoms of disease to occur and to counter the challenge with an array of drugs which were toxic for the disease causing agent.  This approach is now being questioned as the armada of drugs is diminishing due to multiple drug resistant pathogens.  Compounding this alarming trend is the current approach to health maintenance which assumes that "all is well" until actual disease processes begin. By this time, the disease is established, sometimes irreversibly, and the damage has occurred.  So the questions arises...What if a new paradigm existed?  Could it be possible to optimize the immune status of animals so that (1) disease is much less likely to occur and (2) if disease does occur, it's severity and duration is minimized?  The answer is YES and this paradigm shift is being engineered by small, naturally occuring protein-like molecules called Transfer Factors." Dr. Richard Bennett holds a doctorate in Comparatie Pathology from the University of California, Davis.  His work in this area includes basic and applied research in infectious disease microbiology and immunology.

Steroids The Sleaziest of Drugs

Like antibiotics, steroids are one of the most abused class of drugs in the orthodox veterinarian field of medicine. At one time, they were reserved for the extreme emergency cases. Today, they are being used on the most trivial of conditions. Why? They give the appearance of an instant miracle cure which matches the >expectation= level of the client. So, many vets turn to steroids as the first, rather than the last, line of attack for their anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects.

Steroids mimic the action of the adrenal glands, the body's most powerful regulator of general metabolism. Far from being a wonder drug Acure all steroids cannot cure one single condition. All they do is suppress the body's ability to express a normal response. Occasionally this type of suppression will give the body a chance to heal itself. But more often, the effect is immediate, devastating and can cause permanent damage.

The medical community seems to have a particular blind spot about these drugs, refusing to believe that steroids can cause the terrible carnage that the manufacturers have long admitted to. For over 30 years we've known that steroids can routinely cause over-activity of adrenal hormones, which produces Cushing's disease. They can also cause muscle wasting, hyperglycemia, water retention, bruising, insomnia, serious mood changes, menstrual problems, impotence, loss of libido, or even allergic shock and diabetes. (Source: Physicians Desk Reference).

Far from being a wonder drug 'cure all', steroids cannot cure one single condition. All they do is suppress your body's ability to express a normal response. In a few instances, this type of suppression will give the body a chance to heal itself. But more often, the effect is immediate, devastating and permanent damage. And we are only now realizing just how quickly damage can occur. Despite what doctors say, that steroids only have side effects after many years of use, there is no such thing as a safe dose.

Studies show that steroids cause permanent, debilitating effects after a single dosage. With long term use, some of the more common side effects of steroids include changes in appearance, such as acne, development of a round or moon-shaped face and an increased appetite leading to eight gain. Steroids may also cause a redistribution of fat, leading to a swollen face and abdomen, but thin arms and legs. In some cases, the skin becomes more fragile, which leads to easy bruising. These take weeks to begin appearing.

Psychological side effects of steroids include irritability, agitation, euphoria or depression. Insomnia can also be a side effect. These changes in appearance and mood are often more apparent with high doses of steroids, and may begin within days. Injected Triamcinalone (see above), or oral dexamethasone seem to cause these changes less, but as they stay in the body an undesirably long time, rendering them second choices.

An increase in susceptibility to infections may occur with very high doses of steroids. Prednisone may also aggravate diabetes, glaucoma, and high blood pressure, and often increases cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood. In children, steroids can suppress growth. These effects are reversed once the steroids are stopped.

Long-term damage: quick and dirty

Steroids don't take years to damage your system, as doctors maintain. Permanent, crippling damage can occur weeks after you've begun treatment.

  • Osteoporosis can occur within a matter of months. Steroids cause 8 per cent reduction in bone mass after four months (Ann Int Med, November 15, 1993), the equivalent of the effect on your bones of having your ovaries removed. Even low doses of inhaled steroids (400 micrograms per day) reduce bone formation (The Lancet, July 6, 1991).
  • Low doses (10-15 mg prednisone) for a year can cause cataracts (Surv Ophthalmol, 1986; 31: 260-2).
  • Topical steroids may begin to cause eye damage or raise pressure after two weeks. Extensive visual loss can be caused by a 1 per cent hydrocortisone ointment, which is available OTC (BMJ, August 20-27, 1994).
  • Rub-on steroids have caused Cushing's syndrome in children as soon as a month after treatment has begun (Arch Dis Child, 1982; 57: 204-7).
  • Inhaled steroids slowth growth in children after six weeks (Acta Ped, 1993; 82: 636-40. See also, The Lancet, December 14, 1991).
  • Bilateral cataracts and glaucoma induced by long term use of steroid eye drops 

Side effects that may be caused by the long-term use of steroids include cataracts, muscle weakness, avascular necrosis of bone and osteoporosis. These usually do not occur with less than four weeks of treatment.

Avascular necrosis of bone, usually associated with high doses of prednisone over long periods of time, produces hip pain and an abnormal MRI scan. It occurs most often in the hip, but it can also affect the shoulders, knees and other joints. Caught early, the joint can be saved by "decompression" by an orthopedic surgeon. Once full developed, Avascular necrosis is  painful and often requires surgical joint replacement for pain relief.

Steroids reduce calcium absorption through the gastrointestinal tract which may result in osteoporosis, or thinning of the bones. Osteoporosis can lead to bone fractures, especially compression fractures of the vertebrae, causing severe back pain. Calcium, at least 1500 mg of the calcium carbonate form or equivalent, should be taken. There are new medications (Fosamax in particular) that also may help to prevent osteoporosis.

There is also a relationship between steroids and premature arteriosclerosis, which is a narrowing of the blood vessels by fat (cholesterol) deposits. In general, there is a close relationship between the side effects of steroids and the dose and duration of their use. Thus, a high dose of steroids given over a long period of time is more likely to cause side effects than a lower dosage given over a shorter period of time.

More info: Steroids -- The Great Pretender

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Application of Marine Phytoplankton in Veterinary Medicine
400 times the energy of any known plant
a major source of the Earth’s oxygen supply
the first food or plant on earth
whales live on it
more than 200 sea veggies
nutritional analysis that is second-to-none
nourishing and complete proprietary blend

Marine Phytoplankton Provides Profound Wellness and Life Giving Properties

Dr. Jerry Tennant, MD,  from the Tennant Institute of Integrative Medicine, explains that the micronutrients and electrolytes in marine phytoplankton are exactly what human cell membranes need to carry out their metabolism. Not surprisingly, the composition of human plasma, or fluid surrounding cell membranes, is similar to that of sea water. Relying solely on land-based food sources may lead to deficiencies in these micronutrients and electrolytes. Containing a wide range of trace elements, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, enzymes and cellular materials, marine phytoplankton promotes and maintains optimum health by boosting and supporting all systems within the body. When the body is missing critical components, it is unable to maintain the balance of these systems, and malfunctions (disease) result. Overdependence on land-based food sources often lead to deficiencies in micronutrients and trace elements. The marine phytoplankton are Nature's gift to assist us on our journey to optimal health and wellness through balanced nutrition.

Steven Schecter, N.D - "There is no family of foods more protective against radiation and environmental pollutants than sea vegetables ... sea vegetables can prevent assimilation of different radionuclitides, heavy metals such as cadmium, and other environmental toxins."

Linda Page, N.D. Ph.D. - "Sea plants can transform your health. There are many reasons why I recommend sea vegetables as part of my healing programs -- weight loss, cellulite control, detoxification, beautiful hair and skin, and more. Sea vegetables (phytoplankton) can transform your health! I believe that when we eat sea vegetables, and when we take seaweed baths, we are tapping into the ancestral and restorative source of all life - the ocean. Include sea vegetables into your diet every day and you'll see a difference. I do! Sea plants -- gifts from the sea!"

What are phytoplankton?
 by David Herring

Phytoplankton are microscopic plants that live in the ocean. There are many species of phytoplankton, each of which has a characteristic shape. Collectively, phytoplankton grow abundantly in oceans around the world and are the foundation of the marine food chain. Small fish, and some species of whales, eat them as food. Larger fish then eat the smaller fish. Humans catch and eat many of these larger fish. Since phytoplankton depend upon certain conditions for growth, they are a good indicator of change in their environment. For these reasons, and because they also exert a global-scale influence on climate, phytoplankton are of primary interest to oceanographers and Earth scientists around the world.

Phyto means Light and Plankton means Floating/Suspended. Scientists at NASA theorize that some 3 1/2 billion years ago, the world was changed forever. The appearance of tiny organisms with the ability to convert sunlight, warmth, water and minerals into protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and amino acids marked the beginning of life. Phytoplankton, the single-cell plants are the basis of all other life forms on planet earth, they are the 'vegetation' of the ocean. Phytoplankton are responsible for making up to 90% of Earth's oxygen. Phytoplankton are the food utilized by some of the world's largest and longest living animals and fish. Blue Whales, humpbacks, baleen whales and more all eat plankton and live between 80-150 years while maintaining great strength and endurance and are sexually active until they die. 

Plankton have an alkaline pH, which is important, given the acidity of our diets high in refined sugars, soda pop, and farmed large animals. The high density of nutrients found in algae is extremely important for many reasons. Perhaps the most important (as noted above) is that these nutrients maintain human cell membranes in structure and function. This is vital for cell detoxification, and for the overall metabolism of human cells. In fact, the causes of diseases have been simplified to very specific mechanisms, all of which center on cell membrane function and structure. Inflammation, Oxidation, Toxicity, and Mitochondrial dysfunction keep cell membranes from doing their job effectively. Algae contain high levels of antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory micronutrients to fuel metabolism and detoxification. Also, they stoke the fires of the Mitochondria, where cells make energy required to carry out their function. Of course, photosynthesis is the mechanism whereby plants in general and algae in particular, harness life-sustaining solar energy. (J. Applied Phycology 1993;5:235.).

algae - phytoplankton bookDr. Robert Rowe Ph.D. - "...Our beliefs are even responsible for our genetic makeup. Your genes will change to meet your beliefs. To understand this concept better, read the book Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton. There is a lot of solid scientific evidence to show that, on the smallest level, we are actually made up of light and energy, which we have at least some control over. And when we look at our world from this viewpoint, there is so much more to see and understand about its complexity, and it gives us more power over our destiny. 

Dr. Jerry Tennant, M.D.  - "One of those rare products that contains almost everything you need for life (and the rebuilding of a healthy life) is phytoplankton.  It contains the nine amino acids that the body cannot make and must be consumed in our diet (essential amino acids).  The essential fatty acids are also present (Omega 3 and Omega 6).  Vitamins A (betacarotine), 81 (thiamine), 82 (riboflavin), 83 (niacin), 85 (pantothenic acid), 86 (pyridoxine), 812 (cobalamin), C, and D (tocopherol) and major and trace minerals are all present in phytoplankton. In short, it contains almost everything one needs to sustain life.  Therefore, it contains almost everything one needs to restore health by providing the raw materials to make new cells that function normally. This is particularly true if one stops putting toxic materials such as artificial sweeteners and trans fats (partially hydrogenated fats) into our body." 

Marine Phytoplankton is a rich source of glyconutrients which play an important role in good cell-to-cell communication.   "Most of the Nobel prizes in Medicine and Biology have been awarded to the concept of “cell communication,” which is how our 100 trillion cells get their metabolic function coordinated (J. Science, November 26th, 2004.) They do this through a system of “messages,” which are well-known molecules like hormones, neurotransmitters, enzymes, etc. They form a vast network of communication, which should have never been separated into different components. The Psycho-Neuro-Immune-Endocrine system of cell communication to coordinate our metabolism is now considered to be the cornerstone of health and function in cutting edge research" Dr. Hugo Rodier (“The intricate interface between the immune system and metabolism,” J. Trends in Immunology 2004;25:193.)

Marine Phytoplankton contain many elements available no where else. You may have heard of fresh water phytoplankton like Spirulina and Chlorella. These algae also have many health benefits, however, with the 200+ separate species of marine phytoplankton, their nutritional profile is second to none!

Animal Healing with Marine PhytoPlankton Testimonials

Sudden Paralysis Recovery of Persian Cat 

One Sunday morning, at 10:00a.m. (Sunday Aug. 26, 2007) our persian cat, Angel, was having trouble moving around.  As we have a new member kitty in our household she has been a little stressed lately and likes to stay in small areas. I think this makes her feel safe. Also because of this I haven’t been grooming her much as she doesn’t handle stress very well and isn’t a sociable cat. I picked her up and laid her on my bed while I had a cup of coffee and read my Bible. I was also taking this time to observed her and something just didn’t look right. 

At appx. 10:30 a.m. I picked her up and put her on the floor and she could hardly walk or keep herself up. I called in my husband and right away he started looking for a vet. Not to treat her but to diagnose her so I know what I’m dealing with. We are in the mountains and there is very little out here and the only vet open on a Sunday was 80 miles. away.  We left for the vet at 1 pm. By now, Angel had now lost the whole use of her back end. So this is going down hill extremely fast.  The veterinarian's test results were as follows: 

  • White Cell count Should be-3500-16,000 and hers is 24,000 
  • Her Liver is inflamed and normal count there is 10-100 and hers is 1,779 
  • They think she has a blood clot or a growth pressing on her leg. Possibly both. 
  • They want me to have an ultra sound done to see if they can find the clot and where it is and where it is going. 
  • Because she has a fever and such a high white blood count that's a sign of infection. 
  • So even though she seems to be a little better she is still a very sick kitty. 
  • This so far has cost me $300.00. I just couldn’t afford the ultra sound

On the way home I was running my fingers threw her hair and noticed how skinny she was. I think she’s been feeling bad for a while and not eating well. It’s kind of hard to tell how much the cats are eating when you have 3. As Angel is a Persian she has a lot of hair and she is really fluffy. We got home at 3:30 p.m. and I immediately gave her a baby spoon of Frequensea and again at supper and appx. 9 p.m.  By 10:30 p.m. she got up and walked to her water bowl and drank some water! Also she went and peed in her litter box. Now I had to put her in as it was difficult with her bad leg. Holy Smokes blow me away with a feather. This stuff works FAST!! However she was dragging her right back leg; it was straight out like a ruler.  I made her a bed on the floor beside my bed and I knew I wasn’t going to sleep all night, being concerned, however she’s improved so much. So I prayed and left her in God’s hands and I fell asleep and slept well and woke up at 6:30 a.m. to find her sitting there with her head up and looking very alert and purring. 

Dog with mast cell cancer
My dog suffers from mast cell cancer. A cancer that is composed of parasites and bad cells. Cheryl and I were searching for answers to help Boomer. Cheryl stumbled on the marine phytoplankton information  and when I viewed the site the info blew me away. Without even hesitating I ordered the product and started giving it to the dog. He just drinks it right up. The tumor on his leg was the size of a softball and in just over a month and it is now the size of a quarter!  

Because of the great results with Boomer, my husband Bill started taking it. He has been unable to breathe, or smell or even taste since working in his "sick" building a year ago! He takes 2 oz. a day and without realizing, he came home and asked what was that smell? I nearly fell over in amazement. Bill is quite the non-believer of anything that isn’t from a doctor, and here he is asking what the smell was. He couldn't figure it out but I expect within another few weeks he will be tasting again too! He can breath freely again. As for myself, I am taking Frequensea for high cholesterol, which has caused cholesterol deposits in my gallbladder, causing gallbladder attacks. After a month, I am no longer having attacks and the pain that was radiating on my side is gone as well. I have included my labs done after just one month on Frequensea and I know they will just get better as I stay on the Frequensea. I am pretty certain that the polyps/stones in the gallbladder have broken down and passed naturally.

My cholesterol went from 219 to 210 that's down 9 points in exactly 1 month. My triglycerides went from 90 to 78 and my thyroid is back in the normal range from being low. Though my thyroid is borderline, it’s on the rise to stay in the normal range.  I have now lost 15lbs in just one month.  AND I AM NOT EVEN TRYING!!!!!  My skin has cleared up, my ulcer is on the mend, andmy digestion is better...a lot less gas and bloating!!!! No aches and pains in the lower back and the neck is doing better as well! Oh the biggie...my hands stopped shaking!!! That was like immediate! Cheryl was the one to notice that and I hadn't even picked up on it!!! So whatever neurological thing was going on....it's not anymore!"  Katie, Bill, Billy and Boomer

Feline with severe liver failure

"Last fall my cat became really sick with severe liver failure, she actually went down to being just skin and bones. A friend of mine, a veterinary assistant and nutritionist of many years, told me that the only way I could possibly save my cat was by force feeding her a high protein diet every two hours. I had read years ago that it is actually the wrong approach to feed an ill person protein since it takes too much energy to digest, so when my cat declined cat food and tuna I decided to follow the wisdom of her body. The only thing I ever forced her to take was marine phytoplankton (FrequenSea) (1/2 to 1 teaspoon a day) and filtered water and Pedialyte for hydration. I also did energy healing on her and prayed for her.  could notice a small improvement in my cat after a few days of Frequen~Sea and energy healing combined. My rationale was to help her detoxify and clean out the liver, and the FrequenSea would be giving her the energy to stay alive and work through this phase. With her weight loss I decided to deal later. Over the course of several weeks with these "treatments" my cat slowly got a little strength back, also gained a little bit of weight. I would put pureed tuna and tuna water on my hand and entice her to take some all the time, but never forced her. The first thing that she decided to eat on her own again was the seed part of cantaloupe, one of her favorites. I decided to keep trusting her body - it actually made perfect sense that she would eat this first since it cleans the body because of the high water content. From here she progressed to pieces of cantaloupe, then some tuna and some kitten food (only out of my hand), all the while I kept giving her the FrequenSea once or twice a day which I squirted into her mouth with a syringe without a needle. After about 5 months my cat became healthy again and gained her normal strength and weight back. Her fur is actually more silky and beautiful now than it ever was before. I put a few drops of FrequenSea into the water bowls for all of my cats every day now - their furs have also become softer and shinier, they throw up hairballs less frequently. In my opinion the combination of FrequenSea and energy healing is almost foolproof, an opinion that was also supported by Dr. Rodier." Annette K.

Marine Phytoplankton Saved a Dog's Life

"I adopted my dog Jojo a few yeals ago. He was 13 at the time and about to go to the pound because his previous owner was moving and couldn't keep him. When he came to me he was showing signs of age. He had a hard time walking and his eyesight and hearing were a bit impaired. Eventually, he came to a point where he would no longer eat. This went on for seven days. He would find a secluded corner and sleep most of the time. I felt like he was just miserable, hardly alive and going downhill fast. As each day passedI would watch him get a little worse. I finally made the heartbreaking decision to take him to the vet and have him put to sleep. Someone told me about the Marine PhytoPlankton and I decided to try it on Jojo as a last resort.  I started giving him a small amount of a marine phytoplankton tonic with his evening meal. In two months, Jojo made a complete recovery. I used to have to wake him up when I got home from work. Now Jojo greets me at the door barking and wagging his tail' His eyesight and hearing have also improved - he seems more aware of his sunoundings and is playful and attentive. I don't think he would be in such good health if it weren't for adding marine phytoplankton tonic to his diet. It has literally made the difference for him. My son has dubbed it Jojo's go-go juice. I am grateful for this product for bringing our family pet back to health." Dan R.

Hummingbirds testimonial - "Last year I decided to feed the hummingbirds since I had spotted a few around my flowers.All summer I couldn't tell if the hommingbirds were feeding or if the solution I had purchased had just evaporated due to the heat.  I barely glimpsed a bird or two, but by the end of the week the feeder was usually almost empty. It was a mystery. This year, I decided to continue with the "feeding", but this time( at the suggestion of my daughter) I added a few drops of FrequenSea to the nectar. To my delight, the birds love it so much they are working me to a frazzle trying to keep it filled. I have no trouble seeing the hummingbirds now, because at any given time they are gathered at the feeder taking turns.  They seeem to be having a great time feasting! I attribute the difference from last year to the addition of the FrequenSea."  Barbara Taylor

"I have been giving my precious 7 month old Westie, Maggie, the newer formula of Marine phytoplankton FrequenSea since we got her at 2 ½ months old. She gets so excited when she sees the bottle. I give her approximately 1 tsp. a day on her food or sometimes she simply licks the teaspoon before I can pour it on the food. She weighs 12 lbs. She has not experienced any stomach distress or diarrhea.  She is extremely alert, especially immediately following the FrequenSea. Everyone says she is the smartest pup they have seen.  My experience with Marine phytoplankton FrequenSea is that the synergy of ingredients is phenomenal."  Kathy Jones

Feeding marine phytoplankton and other sea plant algae to your pet promotes: Shiny hair coat and supple skin - Healthier and stronger newborns - Improved milk production in lactating bitches and queens - Improved reproductive performance both for male and female - Aids in the healing process by offering the vitamins and minerals necessary for tissue repair - Better utilization and absorption of nutrients from foods ingested.

view free online video demonstration the energy produced by phytoplankton

Zeolite Pet Testimonials

ZMP 400 (zeolite + marine phytoplankton) is a concentrated formula, almost tasteless.  Easily added to your pets water, soft food or directly.

"My dog had a lump in her chest that I thought was a fatty deposit. Two weeks ago it started to grow and got to be the size of a lemon. Since I got her as an abused dog it killed me to think I may have to put her down. She did not really want to play with my puppy and you could tell she wasn't right. I felt what the heck, I started her on activated liquid Zeolite and the lump is now the size of a nickel. That was in 4 days! Now she is acting just like the puppy, playing around and being normal." Pam F *

"My cat was diagnosed with hepatitis last week and was on the verge of dying.  My veterinarian gave her some antibiotics but said the situation was pretty grim.  Several days on the antibiotics she looked even worse and was just lying there in her bed refusing to eat and drink. It literally had to force-feed her by hand to keep her alive. On Sunday, while visiting my brother. I told him about this situation and how upset I was about it. He gave me some activated liquid Zeolite and told me to try giving the cat 2 to 3 drops 3 times a day to see if it would help any. After only two days the cat was up walking around my condo and looking much better.  I took her to the vet again and he did another blood test. The liver enzymes were back to normal and all signs of the virus were just about gone except for a little bit of the yellowish skin tome on her stomach area. Her eyes were white again and the doc said to keep giving the Zeolite because it appears to be doing something that he had never seen before. I called my brother in tears. I'm so happy and so grateful for this stuff."  Maryanna*

"My dog got into a terrible fight with another dog and came home severely injured, with deep bite tears into her hips and butt area, losing her tail.  Because the bites were so torn, the vet was unable to stitch her up, so we hoped she would just pull thru... The infection was horrible and her spunk was completely gone.  I finally decided to try frequensea to boost her healing process.  It took only 3 days!  1 oz a day, I added frequensea to her water.  After 3 days she was bouncing around and happy.  The infection was almost completely gone by the 4th day and within 7-9 days her wounds starting healing and the bite marks started closing up.  I have switched over to the ZMP 400, it looks like she'll heal at this point with little scarring, but with a noticeable tail missing, but if that is all we have to live with from such a horrid experience we are happy!  She literally bounced back from the dead, I thought for sure we were going to lose her."  Michelle

Statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

No guarantee on any results.  Applications are suggestions and have been successful with others, does not guarantee results with every person.  Never expect an "over night miracle".  Natural healing could take months.

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ForeverGreen's ZMP 400 is zeolite in a marine phytoplankton saline-like base.

Our zeolite is a volcanic mineral, free of soluble clay, that is extracted from the top of a highly-active environmentally clean geothermal region. Because of its natural purity, there is no decontamination process required (as other zeolite companies may do). Furthermore, we test and quarantine each batch of our zeolite supply after a very clean and protected method of transportation and handling. Zeolite, in small doses, is known for attracting and removing harmful metals, chemicals and toxins.

What makes ZMP 400 superior is the fact that it is naturally harmonized and activated by being infused into a base of 400 milligrams of our exclusive marine phytoplankton which is mineral-rich, including magnesium, calcium and phosphorus.

Ingredients: zeolite, marine phytoplankton and inulin

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ForeverGreen's FrequenSea
The Ultimate Natural All-In-One Supplement
FrequenSea contains virtually every nutrient known to Man in one convenient and great tasting whole food liquid.
Gone are the days of having to choke down a handful of pills each day.
It's not just what you consume, it's what your body can actually absorb and utilize.

Proprietary Blends of the following: Marine Phytoplankton, Frankincense, Nutmeg, Astaxanthin, Ginger, Rose, Purified Water, Aloe Vera Juice, Cranberry Concentrate, Apple Concentrate, Morinda Citrifolia (Noni Juice), Ionic sea Trace Minerals, Orange, Sweet Lime, Citric Acid, Rosemary Anti-Oxidant, Natural Blueberry Concentrate.

Dr. Hugo Rodier M.D. answers questions about FrequenSea

What is Marine Phytoplankton?

Marine Phytoplankton are single celled plants and are the basis of all other life forms on planet Earth. They are microscopic, single celled algae that float and live in the ocean and are so small, they are not even visible to the naked eye. All phytoplankton are nutrient-rich, and as such are the basic staple diet for multitudes of oceanic life. In fact the very existence of the marine ecosystem depends upon it. The elements and electrolytes in plankton are ideal for the human body, and are in perfect balance with natures plan to support life. It has unique and specialized nutrients, not found anywhere else , that have been feeding the world since the world began. Whales live to be 150 years old without eating anything else.

Some of the health benefits you may realize from taking FrequenSea with Marine Micro Phytoplankton are:

Immune system support and enhancement, Normalizes blood sugar levels, Antioxidant protection, supports normal cholesterol levels, Alkalizing - helping improve the pH balance of the body, Anti-inflammatory effects on membranes - Relieves joint pain, Supports healthy blood pressure, Cell wall improvement through increased permeability and flexibility, Detoxification and Cleansing (supports removal of toxins from cells & organs), Supports weight loss, Increases energy and vitality, Skin care - such as acne, Neurological support, Supports a healthy liver, Improved vision - more effective than Lutein.

What is FrequenSea?

Dr. Rodier:  FrequenSea is the most complete all natural whole super food ever put together. It gives your body all the nutrients (vitamins and ionic minerals), raw materials (amino acids and fatty acids), & natural energy (glyco-nutrients & voltage) it needs as building blocks for the stability and better health of your body. It's a synergistic blend of the best ingredients (in its live natural occurring ionic state ) from the worlds most perfect plant food sources (both land and sea)... all combined into one extremely beneficial and powerful product! If you truly want the best for your body... There is no better choice than FrequenSea. It has all that your body needs.

What is Frankincense?

Dr. Rodier:  During ancient times Frankincense was considered more valuable than gold and has been regarded as the "Mother of all Essential Oils". This milky white resin produced by a scrubby little tree called "Genus Boswellia". Frankincense has the ability to have a calming effect on the nervous system and is excellent for use with stress related conditions. Throughout history, Frankincense has been used for many problems and physical disorders.

What is Astaxanthin?

Dr. Rodier:  Astaxanthin is a powerful, natural, biological antioxidant extracted from the marine algae, Hae-matococcus pluvialis. Many carotenoids, such a astaxanthin, act as antioxidants to protect our cells from free radicals. Astaxanthin also crosses the blood brain barrier (this is very beneficial), making it available to the eyes, brain and central nervous system.

What is AMP (Aqueous Molecular Partitioning)?

Dr. Rodier:  AMP is used instead of using common extraction methods, such as heat, distillation, or harmful chemicals (acetone or hexane). Whether its plants, herbs, flowers, roots, or spices, this exclusive technology uses Co 2 extraction, placing the plant in pressure chambers. By changing the pressures, we are able to get the entire plant liquefied. This includes the essential oils, the resinous materials and the water-based materials. Due to separation, our exclusive process naturally emulsifies this plant-life concentrate water soluble. Nowhere else can you find such unique and natural methods of extraction. Water soluble means instant bioavailability . Even the Frankincense in FrequenSea went from a rock-like material to water-soluble liquid making it so bioavailable that it is literally predigested . How does a predigested water-soluble nutritional liquid help your body?... First the body doesn't have to work hardly at all to get the nutrition out of the liquid, and the nutrients are ready (in the ionic form - and as small as they can possibly be) for the body to be utilized! It doesn't come any better than that... ever! 

“Marine Phytoplankton is one of the most rare ingredients on the planet because it contains, in a concentrated form, almost everything you need for life or the rebuilding of a healthy life.”

  − Jerry Tennant, MD, head of the Tennant Institute of Integrative Medicine in Dallas

Educational Online video on marine phytoplankton:   click here if you use DSL or cable ---- click here if you use dial-up


Nutritional Benefits of Marine Phytoplankton Known to Man:

Activates muscles, boosts the immune system
Builds new muscles, detoxifies the liver, boosts the immune system
Gives energy to the brain, builds the immune system
Aspartic Acid
Helps make healthy DNA, builds the immune system
Improves vision, protects the cornea, helps digestion, defends against free radical attacks, boosts the immune system
Removes toxins from skin cells, builds the immune system
Produces healthy-looking hair
Strengthens bones, enhances mental clarity, unclogs arteries
Strengthens bones, calms nerves lowers cholesterol
Promotes bowel regularity, cleanses interstitial tissues
Moderates existent diabetes, prevents adult-onset diabetes
Repairs nerve cells, helps produce red blood cells
Eases arthritis, helps produce red blood cells
Detoxifies carcinogens, essential fatty acids, reduces cardiovascular disease
Helps kidney function
Eliminates toxic wastes
Fights tooth decay, hardens bone
Folic acid
Improves mental function, prevents anemia
Helps control Epstein-Barr virus
Gama-Linolenic Acid (GLA)
Lowers cholesterol
Glutamic Acid
Reduces alcohol/sugar cravings
Improves concentration
Defends against free radical attacks
Calms nervous system
Increases physical stamina
Enhances nutrient absorption, removes toxic metals
Regulates body weight
Combats fatigue, lessens depression decreases anemia
Builds muscle helps repair the liver
Dissolves cholesterol deposits, improves short term memory
Reduces hypoglycemic symptoms
Linoleic Acid
Combats viral infections

Helps prevent osteoporosis
Promotes tranquility, moderates mood swings, reduces migraine headaches
Assists joint mobility
Enhances memory, 
elevates mood, removes heavy metals
Increases longevity
Niacin (Vitamin B3)
Reduces stress lowers cholesterol, helps to reverse atherosclerosis
Promotes cellular growth and reproduction nucleic
Improves memory, Omega-3 Fatty Acids Increases cell membrane flexibility
Dissolves cholesterol deposits, Reduces cardiovascular diseases
Omega-6 Fatty Acids
Reduces arthritis symptoms, improves skin tone, reduces cardiovascular diseases
Pantohenic Acid (Vitamin BS) Reduces morning arthritis pain, reduces alcohol toxicity
IS Defends against free radical attacks
Increases mental alertness, reduces sugar cravings
Reduces hypertension, helps prevent high blood pressure
Raises learning ability helps repair torn cartilage
Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6)
Boosts the immune system, relieves premenstrual tension
Defends against free radical attacks provides physical energy, alleviates eye fatigue
Enhances "mind-brain" function Selenium
Boosts the immune system, relieves anxiety
Beautifies the skin
Tightens the skin
Prevents sunstroke
Superoxide dismutase (SOD)
Defends against free radical attacks
Substance P
Sharpens the mind
Thiamine (Vitamin 81)
Reduces fatigue, improves mental attitude, relieves tension
Boosts the immune system, ameliorates skin tone
Acts as an anti-depressant, promotes mental alertness, strengthens memory
Builds muscle tissue
Balances blood sugar
Vitamin 812
Energizes the body, improves memory, repairs the nervous system
Vitamin C
Reduces duration of the common cold, reduces cancer risk, deters gum bleeding
Vitamin E
Boosts the immune system, keeps nerve tissue healthy
Eases Memory access, lessens acne outbreaks, boosts the immune system, reduces symptoms of the common cold, helps avoid prostate problems.

What is Zeolite?

Zeolites are a variety of minerals formed when molten lava contacts water from lakes or oceans. A specific member of the zeolite family of minerals called “clinoptilolite”. It has a unique honeycomb like structure that has the ability to trap and bind toxins, heavy metals, viral particles, and other impurities so these substances can be removed from the body. The clinoptilolite type of zeolite can be activated by a process that removes naturally occurring toxins. The end product results in a 100 % natural completely non-toxic liquid that is safe for human consumption (FDA rating G.R.A.S. Generally Recognized As Safe). In a liquid form carried by the blood stream zeolite are believed to pass to all parts of the body. This unique ability to remove dangerous toxins is so well documented, it was used by the Russian government to absorb radioactive chemicals and other harmful toxins after the Chernobyl disaster.

The clinoptilolite form of zeolite has been used for more than 800 years in traditional medicine to improve general health in India, China, Russia and nearly every part of Asia. In the United States this has been used in water filtration, air purification, animal feed and fertilizers to keep crops healthy.

Zeolites are negatively charged, which is not common among minerals. This negative charge facilitates the migration of positively charged toxic minerals into the zeolite “cages” and onto the surfaces of zeolite where these substances can be transported for elimination in stools and urine. There is a preferential order of zeolite attraction to minerals, beginning with heavier weight toxins proceeding to lighter materials. This is manifested by trapping mercury, uranium, arsenic, and cadmium before lighter minerals are captured (magnesium, calcium, lead).

In essence, zeolites can be considered molecular sieves and filtering agents who are able to trap positively charged atoms, ions, and harmful compounds for removal from the body.

Why do I need Zeolite?

Zeolites are a natural detox product, which help chelate heavy metals from within the body on a molecular level. There is a strong tie between heavy metal toxicity and serious diseases such as autism and cancer. Eliminating these toxins will cleanse the body from many carcinogenic agents as well as strengthen the immune system. This can help to start your body’s fight against serious health ailments.

Some testimonials suggest that natural zeolites promote a sense of general well-being, clarity, and even happiness. These can be attributed to the elimination of toxins and also, according to preliminary research, zeolites have shown to relieve depression by increasing the production of serotonin in the body.

The potential benefits of Zeolite are varied, and have been reported to include:
1. Removes heavy metals, nitrosamines, toxins and poisons from within your body (cells, tissues, organs) by trapping them within the actual zeolite and flushing them out of the system.
2. Balances pH. The blood’s normal pH range is about 7.3 (neutral is 7.00).
3. Has been shown to block viruses. Similar to the interaction with heavy metals and toxins the liquid zeolite mineral traps and eliminates viruses.
4. Helps the digestive tract and increases nutrient absorption.
5. Reduces and may eliminate acid reflux (heartburn).
6. Strengthens the immune system to levels never thought possible.
7. Is a powerful antioxidant.
8. Reported to have dropped blood sugar an unimaginable 50 points!
9. Natural zeolite activates P21 gene which appears to halt the growth of tumors by directly suppressing growth signals.
10. Absorbs free radicals.
11. Is non-toxic and 100% natural. Labeled GRAS by FDA (general regarded as safe).


Visit www.whyplankton.com  and www.zeofacts.com to see more studies, views of the pristine sea farm, and a short video of Tom Harper’s story.


ZMP 400 FAQ's Click Here


Statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

No guarantee on any results.  Applications are suggestions and have been successful with others, does not guarantee results with every person.  Never expect an "over night miracle".  Natural healing could take months.


With today's increasingly toxic environment, our pets are coming down with serious and  inexplicable health problems.  In many cases, the reason for our animal's health problem is due to an overload of toxins entering the dog's body via his paws, breathing cleaning and other chemicals in your home or kennel,  from chemicals sprayed on your lawn, in parks, on golf courses,  everywhere you take your dog there are toxic chemicals. Chemicals are even included in your pet's food, both dry and canned food unless you have wisely researched and chosen food that does not contain chemicals.  Dogs are extremely  sensititve to these chemicals as are most animals including us.  more

Brandon Brooks, DVM  - "Many (if not most) Over The Counter (OTC) or non-prescription  flea control products are very toxic to cats and kittens- especially the ones only approved for use in dogs. Many people mistakenly buy these for their pet (it's not always their fault, the companies that make them want you to buy it, they don't really care about the dangers involved) so it pays to be extra careful when buying flea control products."

Michael Dym, VMD - "Over the past 40 years and 17 generations of dogs and, cats we are seeing tremendous increases in chronic ill health in our pets that was rare back in the early 1960's. Most of these illnesses revolve around breakdown in our pets' immune systems, and include chronic skin/ear allergies, digestive upset, thyroid/adrenal/pancreatic disorders, seizures, gum/ teeth problems, degenerative arthritis, kidney/liver failure, and cancer across all ages and breeds. We are also seeing a record number of behavioral and emotional disorders including alarming and unexplained fears/aggression., as well as difficulty focusing/training and paying attention. The analogy of these compared with escalating immune/behavioral diseases in children is quite disturbing. The two biggest factors in our pets' population health decline over these generations has been the severe overuse of multiple vaccines and nutrient poor and toxin filled commercial pet foods. We have also failed to address the underlying cause of disease by only suppressing symptoms with antibiotics, cortisone and related drugs, so the disease progresses and goes deeper. Homeopathy offers a viable alternative in truly curing pets and making their bodies healthier."

Optimum Animal Nutrition

The evolutionary nutrition movement
began in response to the dietary guidelines outlined in the book "Give Your Dog a Bone" written by Ian Billinghurst and presented to the world in 1993. This diet, for obvious reasons came, to be known as the Bones And Raw Food Diet or the Biologically Appropriate Raw Food or barf diet.

The evolutionary feeding program
for any species of animal is concerned to feed only those foods which that animal evolved to eat over millions of years of evolution. The logic is that by feeding the scope and balance of such foods - in their original form (raw whole foods), the entire nutritional requirements for that animal will be met. If we accept that there is a positive relationship between optimal diet and health, it is clear that such a dietary regime must be the one that has the greatest likelihood of producing maximal longevity and optimal reproduction with maximum freedom from disease and maximum positive health.

An animal's dietary requirements took millions of years to develop and those requirements developed as a process of trial and error, but most importantly, they developed through diet. That means the healthiest diet an animal can be fed is the diet it evolved to eat. Put very simply, evolutionary nutrition is all about feeding animals properly, which means feeding them the food which suits their design.

In the evolutionary feeding program, it is not necessary that each meal fed should be complete and balanced, although this may be attempted. Rather, in line with an approach which more nearly approximates the evolutionary paradigm, the goal is to achieve overall completeness and balance through a series of meals.

The practical aim of feeding any creature its evolutionary diet
is to maximize its health, longevity and reproductive capacity (where appropriate) and by so doing, minimize the need for veterinary intervention.

A more formal definition of Evolutionary nutrition
would be as follows: Evolutionary Nutrition is the science of developing feeding programs which are based on evolutionary feeding norms rather than scientific trials and experiments. The scientific hypothesis, which underpins this method of developing feeding programs, holds that the diet an animal evolved to eat over millions of years of evolution must by definition be its gold standard diet. On that basis, Evolutionary nutrition may also be described as 'genomic' nutrition. Genomic nutrition is the optimal nutrition required by an individual as prescribed by its genetic make-up, also known as the series of bases which constitute that animal's genome. That prescription, written in the genome, is the end process of millions of years of evolution. Evolution writes the genome which in turn prescribes the optimal diet.

The science of Evolutionary Nutrition
holds that individual animals have the greatest chance of developing normally, reproducing maximally (and normally), remaining healthy into advanced age, reaching genetically potential maximum age and reaching that advanced age with minimal degeneration, when evolutionary dietary principles are followed. It further holds that diets which are based on trials and experiment are only ever seeking to arrive at the point more simply reached by developing evolutionary diets. It also holds that diets which employ foodstuffs falling outside the scope of an animal's evolutionary feeding heritage can never achieve the health, longevity and reproductive capacity compared with what can be achieved by feeding an animal its evolutionary diet.  Learn more

Ready-To-Eat Raw Pet Food


Give your Dog a Bone  is about feeding dogs using the Bones and Raw Food (BARF).  Dr. Ian Billinghurst has spent 18 years as a practising veterinarian in Australia. "Most of the disease problems we vets see are caused by only one thing - Poor Nutrition. Most modern dog owners are taught to believe that feeding dogs is such a difficult task. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you can get hold of a regular supply of raw meaty bones, you will have no problems whatsoever." click here to read an excerpt from Dr. Ian Billinghurst's book

Natural Nutrition for Dogs and CatsNatural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats: The Ultimate Pet Diet by Kymythy R. Schultze

This book will help pet-lovers enable their dogs and cats to enjoy an ideal quality of life though a species appropriate diet of raw, natural foods.  "My Golden Retriever has suffered from allergies most of her life.  She has been on the diet in this book for six months. After a detox period (explained in this book) which lasted 6-8 weeks, her overall health has improved tremendously. My dog is off all of her previous medication(antibiotics and prednisone), and her skin is clear, her coat is soft and thick, and her attitude is great. I would definetly recommend this book. I would also recommend seeking help from a homeopathic vet when switching to the diet." Pauli Reading from Charlotte, NC,  United States - amazon.com book reviewer.
Click Here to purchase

Food Pets Die for : Shocking Facts About Pet Food by Ann N. Martin

A MUST READ for all veterinarians, and for all pet owners! "We need to pay attention to what we are feeding our animals. Not only as this book says, with the food, but also we need to support their immune systems. In Super Nutrition for Dogs n' Cats extra information is provided on all the illness caused by malnutrition, mineral and enzyme deficiencies that we normally don't think of. Ever wonder why there are so many vets?...too many sick pets because of the food and lack of proper nutrients. Everyone ought to pay attention!" An amazon.com reviewer. read an excerpt

Transfer Factors And The Immune System

Transfer Factor: natural immune boosterPollution, drug overload and nutrient-poor diets compromise our immune health. Drugs aren't the answer for immune enhancement. The immune system is not responsive to drugs for healing. Antibiotics used to fight infections actually depress the immune system when used long-term. But natural nutritive forces, like healing foods and herbal medicines can and do support the immune system. Transfer factor is the name of the molecules in the immune system that transfer and establish the immune system in a newborn. These molecules were first discovered in the late 40's by Dr. H. Sherwood Lawrence. Transfer factors have been studied for decades by scientists from all over the world, and thousands of studies exist.

“Every day we are faced with threats from our microscopic environment. What you can't see can hurt you! The uniqueness of 4Life Transfer Factor is that it not only supports, but also educates our immune system in a way that no other supplement can" --William Hennen, Ph, D.


Transfer Factor is an immune booster nutritional approach in preventive and natural medicine for people and animals according to doctors and veterinariansTransfer Factor for Animals  "Most of the chronic diseases we commonly see in animals (and humans) have an immune basis, e.g. diabetes, allergies, asthma, thyroid disease, inflammatory bowel diseases, repeated ear infections, cancer, etc. While they can be cured through the careful use of homeopathy, the road to cure can be a long one -- often years if the animal has had years of disease. Transfer factors can significantly shorten the course, by giving a much needed balancing effect to the immune system.

If the immune system is overactive as in allergies, ear infections, asthma, diabetes, or hypothyroidism, Transfer Factor can balance this overactivity so the system is not attacking its own organs, overreacting to things that shouldn’t be perceived as a threat. If, conversely, the immune system is under-active as in mange, parasites, viral infections, or cancer, Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor Formula can clearly stimulate it to better meet the challenges it needs to be alert to."  Dr. Will Falconer, DVM


Vaccinosis: Health Hazard of Routine Vaccination

To reserve a puppy a deposit is required, this is non-refundable (EXCEPTION:  40% of the deposit is refundable IF you change your mind within 5 days of the date the deposit was sent.  And only BEFORE the puppies are born).  Changing your mind can jeapordize the timely placement of a puppy in a good home at their most desirable age!  Depending on conception rate and the number of people on our waiting list will determine how long you will have to wait for a puppy.  We have a first come, first serve basis.  If you have questions... ask!

We reserve the right to first pick of any of our litters if we choose to keep a puppy for ourselves.

Did you think last time you donated to HSUS it went to help a pet at a rescue or similar program? Click here to learn where it really went.  If you want to donate to a rescue or similar program donate to one that is nearest you, so you can SEE your results of your donation!  The Humane Society of US is NOT affiliated with any genuine rescue or shelter. We have noticed the link is not always working but we are leaving it in hopes it will be again.

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Vaccinosis: Health Hazard of Routine Vaccination

To reserve a puppy a deposit is required, this is non-refundable (EXCEPTION:  40% of the deposit is refundable IF you change your mind within 5 days of the date the deposit was sent.  And only BEFORE the puppies are born).  Changing your mind can jeapordize the timely placement of a puppy in a good home at their most desirable age!  Depending on conception rate and the number of people on our waiting list will determine how long you will have to wait for a puppy.  We have a first come, first serve basis.  If you have questions... ask!

We reserve the right to first pick of any of our litters if we choose to keep a puppy for ourselves.

Did you think last time you donated to HSUS it went to help a pet at a rescue or similar program? Click here to learn where it really went.  If you want to donate to a rescue or similar program donate to one that is nearest you, so you can SEE your results of your donation!  The Humane Society of US is NOT affiliated with any genuine rescue or shelter. We have noticed the link is not always working but we are leaving it in hopes it will be again.

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