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 Silky Cocker - Toy/Mini Designer Dog

This Silky Cocker puppy was pictured in Complex Magazine issue Aug/Sept '07.


English Silky Cocker at 3.5 months old

Silky Cocker (Maltese x American Cocker Spaniel).  A dog that prefers children that are considerate to their needs, though they are not over sensitive so even toddlers could play with these puppies (of course with supervision) :).  A great apartment/lap dog that loves to go for walks.  Silky soft coat, does require grooming, pending how long the coat gets from 3x a week to daily brushings.  Should have very light waves "feathery".  Low shedding.  Tear staining possible.  Tails normally held up like a Maltese. Very intelligent, playful and usually good with other dogs and pets.  Very fun and playful on the ground.  Calm and cuddly in your lap. (Our vet's wife even noticed this trait, her girls were running up and down the clinic with our puppies "winding them up" and playing with them and we picked them up for exams and they were instantly calm and quiet.) Our Silky Cockers are First Generation.  Our Silky Cocker's are average in weight at 8-14 lbs, 10-13" tall. 


The parents:

MM Ashley La Joy

 "Wiggle Butt"


Buff APR, APRI American Cocker Spaniel Female

Nov. 10  ~  Ht: 13" ~ 22 lbs

'Absolutely LOVES people, smart, happy, easy going, she's always wagging her tail.  Several champions in her pedigree.  Julres Bewitched OFA41G, CH Jontu's Equisite Julre OFA24F.

Ashley's parents:

Father - Twinkie Cacahuate

Mother - Daisy Dulce

Ladys Coin Mania



Black AKC, CKC Registered American Cocker Spaniel Female

June 16  ~  Ht: 12" ~ Wt: 20 lbs

Very petite, smart, wonderful personality.  Several Champions in her 4 generation pedigree.  2nd gen Ck's Namees Marble Man-Ia OFA24E.  4th gen CH Tagalong's Macho Man OFA24G, Merribark's Encore OFA24E, CH Ridgecrest Fantom O'The Opera CD OFA38E, Schiely's Island Snow OFA55G


Father - Tre-Dees Charlie Mania

Mother - Original Stock

MM Dakota Anna



Sable/White AKC, APRI Registered American Cocker Spaniel Female

Nov. 20  ~  Ht: 13" ~ Wt: 20 lbs

Anna is very loving, kind, patient, smart.  There seems to be a blue hint to her coat, which is very pretty.


Father - JCC-Tri Blue Levi-n-Country Jeans

Mother - Rossow's Candy

 Saleena Cassie


DRA, APRI Registered Lemon/White English Cocker Spaniel Female

June 12  ~  Ht: 13 in  ~  Wt: 22 lbs

She is not strongly field bred.  Very kind, very loving, smart, loyal.


Father - Bubba Casanova (AKC)

Mother - Savannah Sunset II (AKC)

Triple M Hez My Boy Scotti


Registered Maltese Male

April 1  ~  Ht:   ~  Wt: 7 lbs

Calmer than Mickey, Loves attention, a real sweetheart.  Very loving, happy smart, always wagging his tail.  There are 11 Champions in their 5 generation pedigree.  (We added the pic of Scotti with his haircut so a person could compare the features of the Silky Cocker to both the Cocker and Maltese)


 Silky Cocker Puppy prices:


$675 solid

$600 parti



$625 solid

$550 parti

Our Silky Cocker's come with a Generation Pedigree  or ACHC registered.

You can see our current puppies available (already born) and to pay for a puppy we currently have for sale go to the Puppies For Sale page.

Dear Michelle,
I have been meaning to write you guys to tell you how much we enjoy our "Rosie"  She has just been a blast to have.  We have a 6 y/o chocolate lab who wondered what the heck we were doing bringing that little thing home but now they are best buddies. They romp and play  Rosie has such a great personality that she just wins over anyone who sees her. We have had many people think she is a shiz tzu, even our vet.  Whenever I get the chance, I tell them about you guys and how to find you. 
  I have attached a couple of pictures for you. She needs a trim badly. If we don't keep the barrett in her hair, she looks like a mini Sheep Dog. She generally is easy to care for with brushing but has developed a few mats but not bad and as advertised, she doesn't shed.  I think she weighs about 12 lbs now but I haven't really weighed her. She looks bigger than she is because she has so much hair.  She absolutely loves to take showers and baths. She gets in with me in the shower at least once a week. If I don't let her in, she stands at the door scratching and whimpering. When our daughter gets in the tub, if she doesn't lock the door, Rosie jumps in with her.
  We had a little difficulty with potty training. We had her blocked into her own room with potty pads. She would do well with her potty pads but as soon as we opened her gate she would forget where her potty pads were and didn't know how to communicate that she needed to go out.  She was giving her signs but we weren't seeing them because she was so quiet.  We ended up buying her a crate and that solved all the problems.  She also figured out that she needed to scratch at the door to be let outside when she was out of her crate. She does have one little quirk with going outside, if a human doesn't go out with her, she either won't go or will go on the deck. She doesn't like to be outside by herself for very long. If a human is out with her, she will stay outside until she is frozen.
  She also absolutely loves the snow. She will play until she can't walk anymore due to the snow balls around her legs. She just loves to jump in the snow drifts. It is pretty comical.
  We couldn't have asked for a better addition to our family.  She is everything I hoped to find in a little friend.  If you ever need recommendations for your Silky Cockers, please give them my name.  I would wholeheartedly recommend this breed.  Thank you again.
  Mattie is doing great.  At her last vet visit she was around 8.5 pounds and very healthy.  She has gotten to figure out what is naughty.  Most recently she grabbed a toilet paper roll and then she ran into the room I was in and looked and me and got a reaction out of me and then took off running.  I am at work right now so I can't send any of our pictures, but we have plenty at home I can send later tonight.  Most of all, the funniest thing she does is her puppy runs through the house...she is so fast and crazy for a minute and then she is tired.  She's always very happy and we are too.  Good to hear from you. 
Hi Michelle,
  She is daughter named her "Bella". 
She is by far the sweetest puppy I have ever had.  Within a few weeks she was 'potty trained' and has the run of the house. 
At night she sleeps with my daughter on her own pillow....its really cute! 
She has a favorite toy, which is a white teddy bear for dogs...she takes it everywhere with her!
 I will try to down load some pics in a few days.....
  Natalie C
Hi Michelle,
I don't know how to download pictures into the computer, but let me just tell you,
she is the cutest most loving dog ever i never wanted a little dog but i would not trade her for anything in the world we all just love her
if any of my friends can help me i'll try to send you pictures

Hello Michelle,

Luigi, as my son named him, is doing great.  Heís 10lbs, about a foot high, although he can reach as high as the kitchen counters when he jumps!  He loves to run around.  We have to groom him monthly or he wonít see past his hair.  Iíve attached some pictures my son has taken (one of the pictures attached is before grooming).  

Thanks for asking.  Hope you are doing well. 


90% of all dog genetic health problems are recessive. This means that in order for a puppy to have the health problem, both parents must carry it. By breeding two dogs of different breeds, without similar health problems, we are breeding puppies with far less health problems! Though, we searched for healthy parent dogs to begin with, if a dog shows signs of any health problems we no longer breed that dog.
Crossbred dogs have far less health problems, (hybrid vigor). True that the outcome is not as predictable as a purebred dog, though, we can predict a lot, by knowing the parents, past litters, and only breeding healthy dogs with great temperaments to begin with.

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Vaccinosis: Health Hazard of Routine Vaccination

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We reserve the right to first pick of any of our litters if we choose to keep a puppy for ourselves.

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