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Yes, we're back.  We had not updated during the spring because of multiple family activities.  Puppy page has been updated.

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We lovingly raise our dogs and puppies just like family on our farm.  Each of our dogs is raised under foot and equal attention from our family.  Our puppies are born inside our home where they have puppy playpens (because Mom's like their "own space") in our dining room where they receive attention from the time they are born, they are well socialized by the time they leave us.  We looked for dogs that are family friendly, children friendly, smart and down right loveable!  We selected our dogs with care looking for good temperaments and health.  Jessica R., myself and my husband Mark care for them on a daily basis.  We feed our puppies and Mothers USDA, APHIS certified Life's Abundance dog food An easy way to keep track of us is by adding our website to your "favorites".   Bookmark This Page  Free JavaScripts provided by The JavaScript Source


Jasmine, Our Official "Puppy Tester", is my niece that comes and visits on a regular basis and insists on checking on each and every puppy we have.
Do you really know what is in your pet's food? 

Although you may think all dog food manufacturers have your dog’s best interests in mind, this is not always the case.  Current pet food regulations allow manufacturers to use ingredients that you would never knowingly give to your dog.  In fact, you may be shocked to learn what some brands of dog food really contain. For example, the use of by-products (feet, bones and intestines, etc.), chemical preservatives (BHA and BHT) and grains such as corn, wheat, gluten and soy, that are often difficult to digest.  Did you know that these cheap fillers are often used as a protein source instead of meat.

If you are as shocked as we were, take just a minute and watch the following video and then think again about what you might be feeding your best furry friend.

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Daily Nutritional Systems for Dogs and for Cats
The combination of premium food and daily nutritional supplements.

Challenged by the recent increase in poor health and disease in our pets, Dr. Jane Bicks developed Daily Nutritional Systems. Today, most of us try to eat right and take a daily supplement to get all nutrients necessary to avoid disease and ensure good health. The same is true for our dogs and cats. A high quality diet rich in protein and other essential nutrients is vital to good health.  However, every dog or cat is different and requires one or more additional nutrients to stay healthy. That's why I formulated the second half of the Daily Nutritional System, the Advanced Daily Supplement with Phytonutrient Power. This formula provides your dog or cat with the additional nutrients necessary for good health plus powerful plant nutrients to support a healthy defense system.

  • Life's Abundance pet food  is unaffected by the recent pet food recall, and you can feel secure and confident in feeding Life's Abundance  foods to your animal companions. The company has absolutely no association, past or present, with the recall-affected companies or facilities. Their  products have always been free of wheat and corn and none of their ingredients come from China. Their canned foods, dry foods, treats and supplements are produced and stored under different conditions than those of large commercial pet food manufacturers.
  • USDA, APHIS certified. Life's Abundance is a Premium All Natural Chicken Meal, Catfish Meal, and Eggs provide high quality easily digested animal protein sources to support strong muscles, healthy organs, and overall health.
  • Feed 20-40% Less with Life's Abundance than most other pet food brands! Learn More
  • Fewer odors and stool clean up.
  • Ships right from the factory to your door.
  • Allergy friendly!  No artificial flavors, colors, processed sugars, or chemical preservatives such as BHA, BHT, sulfur dioxide, sorbates, or benzoates.
  • FREE Dog and Cat Food Samples - Your Best Friend can try our Life's Abundance Dog Food or Cat Food & Advanced Daily Supplement along with a Treat Sample for Free! 

Transfer Factor for Pets - Give Your Pet Superior Health Formulated in cooperation with top veterinarians and breeders, the Transfer Factor Animal Health 4Life formulas help ensure superior natural health for cats, dogs, and horses throughout all stages of life. Along with an improved immune response, the Transfer Factor animal health products will provide:
 Learn More


Dog Registries:

  • APRI - America's Pet Registry, Inc.

  • ACHC - American Canine Hybrid Club

  • AKC - American Kennel Club

  • CKC - Continental Kennel Club

  • UKC - United Kennel Club

  • APR - American Purebred Registry

  • DRA - Dog Registry of America

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I am sorry but our kennel is retired. We have left on our website a lot of information about Health and Wellness.  Most links are found at the bottom of the page.  

We no longer accept pre-deposits.


Other Family Members

Pepper is a herding dog mix.  Smart, listens well, she's a good dog.  She now helps keep the cattle where they are supposed to be.

Sneakers was an abandoned cat we rescued and is a very loved family cat.  We found him in one of our trees in -60 degree weather.  Extremely loveable, has always enjoyed children.

Charlie is a Terrier mix we rescued from the pound.  He is certain he is human and not a dog!  LOL  He just loves my husband and they are almost always together.

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We are proud to let you know 2 of our puppies are in the following book Planet Dog.  One of our Cockapoos and Mini Labradoodles


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