How Can I Find A Good Escort Agency To Work For In Singapore?

Well, to be honest, most social escort agencies are kind of dodgy, because most of them don’t read the law. However, there are some escort agencies which are perfectly legitimate like SG VIP Escorts Singapore and a few others in Singapore. If you work with the right company, assuming you’re shortlisted, you will be able to make several times the salary of your current co-workers while working several times less. It’s a ridiculously lucrative industry, where you are paid in the hundreds per hour, and almost nothing else beats it. Anyway, here are some tips I have for you to look for the best agencies in Singapore.

Tip 1: You should look online with a simple Google search first (before going to Craigslist e.t.c.). A Google search will quickly bring up a plethora of agency names in Singapore, and you should then save their URLs so that you can move onto step 2.

Tip 2: Get your list of compiled information and local social escort agencies’ websites and look through their about us page. Most legitimate escort agency’s about us page should have a clear description of their company name, and full contact details e.t.c. as well as preferably even the company registration number (business or company UEN).

Tip 3: If you approach an agency, and they ask you to strip to take photographs of you, RUN! This is definitely a dodgy manager, and you should not work with them. Did you know that social escorts are not supposed to provide sexual services as part of their service in Singapore?

Tip 4: Can you provide bedroom activities to clients for extra money? Technically, yes you can. Albeit, you must do this on your own accord. Any discerning and legitimate agency will not want to engage, imply or sell such activities, as it will spoil their name. So you can rest assured your agency will never sell it. However, if you really want to make more money, yes, there are escorts who provide such services privately on top of / after their regular social escort services for a lot of money.

Tip 5: If an agency has constantly changing contact numbers, you can be sure that that agency is up to no good. First of all, how often do you hear a legitimate business (not in the social escort industry) change their office telephone numbers? Not too often. However, there are some less than desirable agencies in Singapore which change their numbers often (most often it’s because they perform illegal activities, and use prepaid SIM cards to prevent being tracked by the legal arm of the country). If they have no integrity when running business, they will probably have even less integrity when it comes to working with you and providing jobs with you. You never know when they’ll collude with someone else to harm you if they are willing to do illegal activities. Always work only with upright and legitimate agencies so that you can make a lot of money working as a social escort while not worrying about nonsense.

So there you go, 5 great tips to help you ideally find a good and legitimate agency to work with.

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